Watch as it all falls apart

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ok so this is the first thing i have ever tried to write in my life so I would love feed back how i can improve. I did have fun writing it so if anyone at all likes it ill keep writing. So thanks please vote and comment

Travis's pov

"Arrrrrrrrh" I lept out of bed drenched in sweat as a very aggressive growl came from my mouth. I looked around the room and remembered that I was alone and my heart started to slow it's pace. I was always woken by the same nightmare ever since I can remember and just like always I looked at my scars in the mirror it never changed and I never knew the meaning of a good nights sleep. I hated my scars they made me hidious as vain as that is to say I checked how I looked again getting a little paranoid.

I look over at the alarm clock "two am f***ing typical, f*** it then" knowing I wont sleep for the rest of the night I decided to get up and get ready for the horrible day that followed. The first day back at school after the holidays would always suck there was nothing better then going to highschool with a bunch of rich stuck up were-wolves. "Oh well could be worse" it could be a-lot worse if they ever figured out who and what I am then all hell will break loose.

"Travis get down here and help me with the breakfast" "Dammit" "I heard that now hurry up." I truged my way down the stairs to help Mel make breakfast for the younger kids who were here at the orphnage. I've been here all my life no-one ever wanted a kid a screwed up as me. They tried to get a family for me but it never worked as soon as they met me they would run not litterly of course.

"Moro Travis, moro Mel" "morning Joshua" we said in unison "where are Andrew and Tyler" Mel contuined. He sat there and thought before "they already they said that there were behind in their projects." Mel acepted this at face value but I knew I just stared him down and he srugged his shoulders I laughed to myself. Joshua had been here for about six months now but I doubted that he'd be here much longer he was a good kid he was small but he was only tweleve but he was going to be a lady killer he had dirty blonde hair and very brown eyes. The others had only been here a month but they both looked quite simirler you'd swear they were brothers both had brown hair and eyes.

"Alright I'm going to go now I'll see you both later" "well don't make it to late it's a school night after all" Mel chuckled to herself as she knew full well I would come back when ever I wanted to. I started out the door and headed through the woods to school I started to feel very uneasy and I wasn't sure why.

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