Meeting the parents

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Aurora’s pov

“I think it would be best if you came over tonight and we’ll sit down and talk about it ok?” he sat there for almost a minute “alright what time?” I let out a sigh of relief I thought he might reject me “um aroung six here is the address” I handed him a small piece of paper “will it just be you and me?” “No my family will be there to help me explain this to you I don’t understand why your parents didn’t tell you.” His eyes glased over with tears that he forced back “oh my god im so sorry I didn’t mean anything by it please forgive me” I was almost crying not only for his pain but also id upset him. “It’s ok don’t worry about it they are gone so it’s ok I’ll see you tonight” he hobbled out of the room looking horrible I couldn’t help it a tear slid down my cheek, I couldn’t stay here any longer I have to go home.

I walked through the door “what are you doing home?” mum asked in a worried and annoyed tone “mum I have something to tell you all its an emergengy can you call everyone here please?” “Yes of course HEY GET YOUR ASSES DOWN HERE NOW SOMETHINGS WRONG” I heard everyone sprinting down the stairs “whats the matter” my brother started they all stared at me. “Ok so don’t freak out but i’m pretty sure I found my mate” “OH MY GOD” “ouch mum I did what to be able to hear later” “sorry sweetie but I’m just so excited I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, so who is he?” “Yeah sis, who is the lucky guy?” “His name is Travis” “so tell us about him” my dad asked. “I cant I know very little about him he is very closed off, guarded and quite” “oh the strong silent type” my dad joked “so when do we meet him?” “Well he is coming over tonight if that’s ok?” “Of course I’ll get started on dinner then” she almost sprinted out the room “ok dad I need you to help me tell him about mates ok?” “Not a problem dear but has his family never explianed this?” “Um they are not around I don’t know why yet, I want to spend a little bit of time getting to know him before dinner ok?” “That sounds like a great idea darling we will leave you alone” “thanks dad I’m going to get ready” I had to look just right so he would be impressed.

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Travis’s pov

I don’t know how long I was standing outside I was worried about what she was going to tell me but I couldn’t hold off any longer I had to see her I do not know why. The doorbell startled me “oh hello you must be Travis” “yes sir” I just stated at him “oh forgive me I am John Aurora’s father” “it is an honor sir” there that wasn’t so hard “no I assure you the honor is mine, please come in I’m sure she’ll be down in a minute.”

I felt something pulling my head towards the stairs I looked at the top and there she was in a black and purple lace corset that pressed her breasts up a pair of black jeans and a lace chocker around her neck. I couldn’t help it but I growled and my jaw dropped I cant believe I kissed someone so hot, she noticed me staring and a blush crept along her cheeks “do you like it?” “um what? Are you kidding me you’re the hottest person ive ever seen.” She blushed more “dad we are going to talk in my room ok?” “of course but don’t miss dinner” he winked at her she blushed again. She took my hand and ran upstairs and darted to what I asume is her room I was looking around the room.

“this is nice” I was cut off as she pressed up against me and kissed my lips. Again the same feeling came over me I didn’t want anything other then to continue doing that as she bit my bottom lip I was about to pull away when her tounge entered my mouth. This was even better then before, my hands took on a life of their own as they slowely made their way down her lusious body to her ass. I lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around me bringing our centers closer then ever we moaned out together I started to kiss and nibble down her neck she moaned each time I got the urge to bite down and i pulled away not understanding. I put her down and stepped away “what’s wrong” she had a look of pain on her face I was about to explain when “hey sis tea is ready so put your pants back on. She started to head for the door on the brink of tears I still don’t know why but I grabbed her wrist pulled her into me and planted a kiss on her lips. She looked stunned at first then happy “come on lets go before there is no food left, you havnt seen my family eat.”

I had only just sat down when her father turned to look in my eyes as if he was reading my mind “so you and my daughter are mates”

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