power and rage

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---------------------you know what to do----------------

Aurora’s pov

“hey Aurora and um Travis right?” I didn’t like the way he looked at me but I could tell those wernt my thoughts travis must have stopped sheilding from me I looked into his eyes and sent my thoughts over to him ‘never forget I love you Travis’. He smiled so big I wanted to laugh I looked at the intruder “I’m sorry I don’t know who you are” “oh I’m sorry my name is Rich I am the next beta of the local pack and your waiter.” Travis growled so deep it scared me a little and turned me on as well “ok so I’ll have a big breakfast and she’ll have pancakes and two black strong coffee’s lots of suger ok?” Rich looked stunned but wrote it all down then did the dumbest thing ever “I can see why Terry wants you so bad but I might want you too I would love to mate with you.” Travis began to shake with rage before he could speak “I’m flattered but I think my real mate might hurt you” I gustured to Travis “What him? Why? He is a loser” “well that is your opinion however I feel differently I love him very much now I’d apprecate if you get our food and leave me alone” “fine but mark my words you will be with one of us sooner or later” travis stood up looked him dead in the eye I watched travis’s eyes change colour to a deep amber “talk to her again look at her wrong and I’ll rip you limb from limb” Rich looked honestly scared before backing away not pulling his eyes away even I was scared of him.

Travis breathed in deep his eyes changed back I’d never heard of anyone do that he sat down clearly calm again “ok I have a few questions Travis firstly why do your eyes change colour when your mad? Seccondly how the hell did you know what food and drink I wanted?” he was taken back by my rudeness “um Aurora I had no idea they changed and your food well I um entered your thoughts and read them I’m sorry” he looked upset that I might be mad at him “I’m not mad baby I just thought that I’d be able to notice your energy in my head that’s all I still love you baby” I was still very interested in his eyes I would ask dad later.

The food was placed in front of me I noticed that it wasn’t Rich bringing it to us I chuckled ‘whats funny babe?’ ‘well where is rich? How come we arnt talking normal?’ ‘I noticed that as well and the reason is there are two groupes around us are listening to us but the real reason is I want to tell you that the minute our food is over I want to make love to you’ he growled in my head I felt my panties get damp and I knew he smelt it. ‘well then we had better hurry up cause I’ve been thinking about it since you were threating Terry’ he looked at me with a smirk I looked down cause I was blushing I noticed his plate was already empty. ‘I think you are the only one who needs to hurry up’ he chuckled I hoped noone was looking as I may have used some of my inhuman speed I wanted to be with him.

Travis’s pov

We groped each other all the way to the car and all the way home I think someone tried to talk to us but we just sprinted right past them upstairs a little to fast I might add as we broke the door and ruined each others clothes “oh travis please do it harder” I started to go as hard and fast as I could I heard the bed break “yes, yes, YES” then she bit me I couldn’t do it any longer I bit down on her neck and we both screamed together.

I was trying to get my breath back “oh good lord you are at it again” we quickly covered up in frount of samanther “sorry mom couldn’t help it” “hmm yes I can see that we also need a new door as well and why do I need a door? “Um well it was in the way.” I dropped to the floor laughing “evidently well dinner is in an hour and here is the stuff you threw on the stairs on the way” I couldn’t stop laughing “I’m really sorry samanther but you know how it is” she just turned and walked away. Aurora looked in pain I knew what I needed to do I just hope they wouldn’t get mad I let my power flare she didn’t notice at first “what are you doing baby?” “just wait and listen.” ‘god I am so happy for her but that doesn’t stop me messing with her’ “Travis how the hell did you do that?” “MOM that is not funny!!!” she was at the door in secconds “whats not funny sweetie?” “oh I don’t know my mom that you made me freak out that you didn’t love me any more since travis came along.” I was in Aurora’s head she was messing with her mom it worked she was at the bed in secconds “ah sweetheart im sorry I didn’t mean to make you question that you know I love you more then anything” Aurora cracked a huge smile “that is for messing with me mom” then she kissed her cheek. Samanther was crying “okay you got me how about we don’t do that anymore?” “ok mom can we get dressed now for dinner?” she was already gone “come on baby and thank you I wouldn’t have known what she was doing otherwise” “no worries sweetness id do anything for you” “don’t I know it” “DINNER’S READY”

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