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Aurora’s pov

Travis had a berwilderd look on his face “um she said we are but what are mates” my father looked taken back for a second before “mates are what shifters call each other when fate has decided they should be together, it is the only person they will ever be with or care about.” The silence was killing me I couldn’t take it any longer “do you want to be with me or not” I almost screamed at him my mother retorted “Aurora calm down he is just learning about this let him absorb the information” “always the diplomat” she glared at me for the comeback.

“it that why I can feel so much for her, I mean I can smell nothing but her its intoxicating she has been all I have thought about all day” I blushed very pink. “yes” my father so casually stated. Travis turned and looked at me I saw his eyes he looked afraid I don’t know what of but then a growl came from deep within him I saw his muscles tence in his tight shirt it turned me on so badly “i guess we are mates” a single tear ran down my cheek.

“no not quite yet I need to know if I can trust you first” I glared at my father the seccond he finished “trust me sir?” “with a secret” I knew what my father was about to tell him my face paled.

Travis’s pov

“What secret sir?” my father said nothing to this then I could feel his power rising we all could. “what are you?” “what do you mean sir?” “well your not a wolf like us I cant sence what you are but you have an incredable power.” We all looked at travis he let out a long sigh “I honestly don’t know what I am I have spent so long fighting it that I have never shifted fully ever” we darted between me and john “I would never thought that possible but very well you were truthful with me so I will do the same.” “Aurora is unlike any other wolf she is a one of a kind white wolf, she is very powerful which is why she has never shifted around anyone as other wolves will try to take her away I need to know you can protect her.” All she was doing was look down at the floor she was worried about something “they could only get her over my cold dead body.”

She looked up at me with love and adoring eyes “do you mean that travis will you stay with me?” “I will protcet you will all I have” I was about to finish she looked disapointed “because I love you, even though it has only been a day nothing has ever made me happier then you.” Those three words dropped in the room like a bomb I thought I might have done something wrong, then she lept across the table and kissed me with so much heat and passion “I love you to” she pulled away and smiled.

We all turned to look at john who had the biggest smile of all “very well then, travis welcome to the family” he reached over the table with his hand out travis stood and shook it “thank you sir” “but if you hurt my sister I’ll kill you” her brother finilly stated after bieng silent for the whole affair.

Aurora’s pov

I did it I finally had a mate I couldn’t belive it I could hear my wolf holwing with pride at him to. “well travis would you like a lift home?” “no thank you sir, it’s not that far to the orphanage.” All eyes where on him again “so your parents?” father started treading lightly “murderd sir by the creature that gave me these” he gustured to his scars. My mother gasped as she saw them “I am so sorry for you to carry that burden so young” mum replyed.

“I have a thought then” we all looked at dad “you should move in here with Aurora” I think every face in the room held shock “I couldn’t sir it wouldn’t be right” “I must insist I know my daughter would feel better having you here, I think you have been alone quite long enough and it would have happened eventually in any event.” I looked at travis he still looked unsure but turned to me “is this what you want?” I sat there even more stunned that he cared so much for me that he wanted to do what ever I wanted “oh my god yes.” He had a smile on his face that made me go weak at the knees “ok then it’s settled, if you like I will drive you there to colect your things so you can move in tonight.” My father stated with finalaty in his tone “I would appreciate that sir” Travis walked over to me kissed my cheek then leaned in and whispered “I’ll see you soon princess” I shudderd at his breath on my neck “I cant wait I have a surprise for you” he smiled at this and left the house. I sprinted upstairs to get ready I had to look right for my first time I was so excited and nervious I hoped it was all I imageand.

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