alpha female

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Aurora’s pov

“come on kym we’ll take you upstairs and get you cleaned up” her head bowed “can I ask you somehing first?” “of course what is it?” “why do need to obay you when I’m a member of herbert and terry’s pack?” “well the reason is because when we found you, you were dying and Travis gave you some of his blood to heal your wounds that made you a member of his pack and since I’m his mate I became the alpha female” “oh so I never have to answer to terry again?” “no you still have to show basic respect because of his position in his pack.” She hugged me real tight and began to cry “thank you so much I’m so happy I don’t have to deal with them ever again I can never thank you enough.” I just held her and stepped into the shower to help her clean her wounds she slowely stripped she had a few wounds that Travis hadnt licked for obvious reasons, when we were done she dressed in a pair of my pj’s and I lead her to a spare room and let her go to sleep. “don’t worry kym you are safe we will fix everything now is there anyone you want me to talk to on your behalf?” “yes please call my parents” “ok no worries for now rest.”

As I walked downstairs “Aurora can I talk to you for a minute?” “of course dad what’s on your mind?” “I see trouble coming, I don’t know when or why but something is going to happen and it will be bad I want you to keep and eye out ok and be careful and don’t be afraid to shift to protect yourselfand your mate ok.” With that he kissed my forehead and walked out the door “ok that was weird” I started to look through the phone kym had when she arrivied I found the number I needed and diled.

“Kym oh my god is that you we’ve been so worried” “um forgive me but my name is Aurora I have some bad news about your daughter would you like to come to my home and I’ll tell you what happenend.” “oh god yes we’ll head right over what’s the address please” I told her the phone went dead stright after “mom I have someone arriving soon so I can tell them about Kym ok?” “of course I always knew you’d be a leader just like your father.” I was unsure what she ment by that but I was withdrawn from my thoughts by a knock at the door.

As I openend i was greated by what were clearly Kym’s parents her mother had clearly been crying the whole way over here “do you know what happenend to my daughter I couldn’t find her anywhere” “would you like to sot down? Would you care for a drink?” “no please just tell me what happenend I need to know right now.” I was slightly taken back but I knew id be the same way if it was my daughter “ok well my mate and I were walking threw the woods when we heard her scream when we found her she had been badly beaten and unfortunatly she was also raped. I paused while that sank in her mother began to sob again her father however looked about ready to shift in the middle of my kitchen.

“we brought her here” they were about to look for her “however she was so badly beaten she was dieing my mate gave her his blood therefore making her part of his pack and healing her wounds, he has since left to confront the boy she has accused of rapeing her as her alpha he can see he is punished for what he did to her. Now if you can be quite I’ll take you to see her but she must rest.”  

Her father bowed in respect “thank you alpha Aurora my name is Evan and this is my mate Patrisha I wish to thank you and your mate for what you did” he dropped to his knees. I knew what protacal dictated I should do so I bent and let him kiss my chin “your welcome you’ll have to wait to thank the alpha himself, I’ll show you to where she is staying.” I walked upstairs with them in tow I stopped outside her door “okay so here it is just please try to be quite.” I opened the door and let them fuss over her daughter they were in there for several minutes just checking on her. They both came back outside “do you know how long she will be out like that?” “I am unsure evan it shouldn’t take more then a day or so phsyicaly, mentally is another story it depends on how she deals with her bieng attacked I cant tell you how she’ll take this experence im sorry.”

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