alpha? Travis?

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Travis’s pov

“oh and I love you to” she was blushing so badly it was so cute I love when she did that I pulled he into the classroom everything from last night with Tom and what happened just now playing in my head she knew of course and used her power to calm my mood. ‘you shouldn’t do that’ ‘why not it’s fun and it makes you feel better’ “is there some pressing matter that makes you more important then the rest of the class miss lewtas?” I hadnt even realised he was talking “no sir I’m sorry sir just a little distracted” she turned her head to look at him instead of me. “ah now I see the problem how very interesting” “sorry sir whats interesting?” she really didn’t like people bieng smug with her “well normally we don’t find our mates till we are twenty and older you must be one of the youngest ever I assume that’s why you are distracted who is your mate?” I stood with pride “I am sir” all eyes in the room darted between the three of us “very interesting let’s just try to keep it approprate in class ok?.” I had a feeling he rememberd what it was like when you first found your mate “we’ll try our best sir” ‘now why would I want to do that Travis?’ ‘I was lying and you now it princess.’ “sir could you tell us more about mating? There is still so much I don’t understand” one of the nameless masses asked mousely the teacher looked deep in thought “Very well it is a very interesting subject.” he spent the rest of the class telling everyone all they needed to know about mating I don’t thing any teacher has ever had the whole classes undevided attension like this. By the end of class we were the most popular kids in school people wanted to know more it was so weird I was used to bieng ignored but with aurora at my side I could do anything ‘I heard that’ ‘I know princess.’

By lunch time the whole school knew about us terry was bieng openly moked for telling everyone that Aurora was his it was clearly pissing him off. I don’t think anyone had ever said half the things he has been called today however I know this is going to bite me on the ass. ‘don’t worry babe we’ll be fine’ ‘you know you don’t need words to make me feel better princess’ I flashed her a grin. I knew the type of thoughts that were flying round her head as I put them there, she smashed our lips together and tried to pull me into the bathroom until.

“hello again travis I havent seen you in my office for a few days ive been rather bored wagging im guessing? What ever were you to going to do in a bathroom together?” I turned to face her but before I could say anything “oh how very interesting, I myself didn’t find my mate till I was thirty I did wonder what you two were doing the other day on my exam table.” She paused for barly a seccond then a spark hit her eyes “I have an idea” she pulled a key from her pocket “here this key opens my office so you wont need to attempt to have sex in a bathroom.” She was laughing “why would you do that for us?” “well I always liked you Travis and im so glad you found your mate and lastly I remember what it is like so I thought id do something to give you a little privercy .” i gave her a huge hug I could feel Aurora’s jelsouy I took her hand sprinting towards the office we quickly shut the door and locked it behind us. I think Aurora was still trying to figure out what just happened but before she could speak I pulled her onto my lap and kissed her deeply understanding flashed in her eyes and she gave in to lust.

We were still making love when the bell rang I don’t think either of us cared a while later we were running towards class pulling down shirts and straiting hair. We burst through the door with only a few miniutes left of class. It only took me about a seccond to discover that we should have just waited till the next one “ah miss lewtas and mr daniels so glad you could join us, I trust it was a pressing matter that kept you from my class?” it sounded like a question but I knew all he wanted to do was embaress us but I already had a plan to get my own back Aurora must have heard my thoughts as she looked worried. I turned my head to the side pretending to look away but actually showing the still healing bite and dry blood “well what happened was” I didn’t get to finish before he was shaking with rage “GET TO THE HEADMASTERS OFFICE NOW.” I took Aurora’s hand “suit yourself” we casually walked out of the room I pulled Aurora into me “don’t worry about it baby it will be fine” she looked perplexed but then saw the teacher out of the courner of her eye and laughed.

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