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Innocence by Ruhu95
Innocenceby RuHu
A 7 year old boy is saved from horrid circumstances. In his new home he must learn how to live in a pack. He learns that not all family is blood and not everything you t...
Adopted by the Rogue King by BiancaEvans2
Adopted by the Rogue Kingby LegolasG5*
This is a short story of how one orphan pup changed the lives of an entire pack. It all started the day she literally ran into the rogue king. Who is known for being cru...
Little wolf  by Stilltryingtoshift
Little wolf by Stilltryingtoshift
Sheriff stilinski finds an abandoned 6 year old girl in the woods and realises that her eyes are glowing. This is the story of Molly, the werewolf Pup.
Rani's Toy's by HoundsInTheShadows
Rani's Toy'sby HoundsInTheShadows
Three psychotic partners with twisted backgrounds have all discovered their shared love of toys. Not toys as most know them like a doll from a store they see living, bre...
Aric and Brae by kittykitty133
Aric and Braeby kitty kitty
Aric is a mischievous puppy and his mistress Brea is strict Follow the story to see how this goes..
My Godfather  by AnabelleBlack20
My Godfather by AnnabelleBlack20
In 1992, Pettigrew was captured and Sirius was declared innocent. The first thing he did after his acquittal was offer Harry a home. The moment his godson accepted his i...
ADOPTED BY THE ALPHA by UniqueChicaMeeka
Melody is a 5 year old pup abandoned by her rogue parents at the age of 3 because they couldn't be bothered to take care of her anymore. Jeremy is a 20 year old a...
Five Years [EDITING] by laurachelseaa_
Five Years [EDITING]by Laura
Imagine finding your mate, your 'true love', you feel the spark, the connection only for it all to fall a part. Harper James had found her mate and as cliche as it sound...
Pup and the Alpha King by BiancaEvans2
Pup and the Alpha Kingby LegolasG5*
You have all probably read stories of a black and white wolf being mates. But have you read one where the white wolf is a future alpha king. And the black wolf is a pup...
He's Just A Pup (BoyxBoy+) by UnknowDawn
He's Just A Pup (BoyxBoy+)by Dawn
[WARNING:] [Incest Polyfidelity] Ciro has a loud mouth, he'd speak his mind and sometimes he'd keep things to himself. He's definitely a brat when it comes to things he...
Our Little Boy by izziee
Our Little Boyby izziee
Hunter Tazer and Rain Meadows were that couple in high school that made people stop and think "Damn, are they still together?!" For the two years that they'd b...
Kink Shots~ by Kinkyfingbastard
Kink Shots~by Kinkyfingbastard
Kinky one shots. Message me if you would like to see one of your kinks featured! !Mature! Please do not read if you are sensitive about sexual scenes, Thank you!
Mafias Pup (BxB)  by TransFrog02
Mafias Pup (BxB) by TransFrog
Matei is an 18 year old who has been homeless for years and knows basics of life. His parents never took care of him and always abused him. The only thing they taught hi...
Werewolf Academy | ✓ #wattys2021 by forest_wonders1
Werewolf Academy | ✓ #wattys2021by cнloe♔
Maia, 19 years old, is a average she-wolf or so she thought. Bright and tough, she's ready to take on anything thrown her way. Austin, 22 years old, is the Alpha. Ownin...
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Crow by HindingHedgehog
Crowby Lindsay
Hickory, dickory, dock. The crow got stuck in the clock. The clock struck one, The crow almost drowns, Hickory, dickory, dock. Or When Beauty gets swallowed by the Crow...
New World Order by Pup-pup
New World Orderby Pup Echo
Humans are no longer at the top of the food chain, they are animals, livestock, playthings. The world has been flipped. Cover by the lovely PJOFan987651. My ko-fi: https...
Connell by hxxpella
Connellby luna
Every human needs a strong wolf to survive, And every strong wolf needs a human to calm the raging tide. So when a lonely male wolf meets a small pack of only two, He...
The Hybrid's Mate (BxB) by doudou200
The Hybrid's Mate (BxB)by violet_cat_girl
I felt warm inside, just that...I had this strong desire of protecting him and keeping him safe for the rest of our lives. As I laid my eyes on him, I was speechless...
Daddy's Little One by sadlonelydepressed
Daddy's Little Oneby Ash
She's the youngest of the Alpha, she's his Little One. She's a special pup, not ordinary, not normal at all. Tiny and frail, Alpha Daddy makes sure she is never unattend...
Puppy Camp by SubPuppy
Puppy Campby SubPuppy
#1 in Leash #1 in Dogfood #1 in Petfood #1 in Petspace #1 in Pupplay #1 in Bowl Jade Winters has an interest in puppyplay, the act of becoming a pet, usually in a sexual...