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The Claim ✔️ *Editing* by felisidy901
The Claim ✔️ *Editing*by Auni
Brinn has known Alpha Titus as a close family friend since she was ten years old. He was like a big brother to her. Right before her first shift, her parents decide to...
The Theif 2! A pups little side by Mzzjem
The Theif 2! A pups little sideby crimsonwolf
Seb, a now 19 year old pup. After a year of freedom, guilt and independence 3 certain Alphas return to bring Seb back home. After everything that's happend, Seb still re...
The Alpha King's Hope by lamintina_rose
The Alpha King's Hopeby lamintina_rose
26 Year old Alpha King Aston Williams lost everything he loved. His mate and his sister were killed by rogues, his mother died in a car crash. Devastated by the loss of...
Mellifuous by sUp_mY_clOwNs
Mellifuousby Molly Martin
Omega pup Eli struggles with the transition from life on the run to the daily life as a part of a loving and protective pack ♕♕♕ -Or- ♕♕♕ Childhood should be a time of i...
Adopted by the Rogue King by BiancaEvans2
Adopted by the Rogue Kingby LegolasG5*
This is a short story of how one orphan pup changed the lives of an entire pack. It all started the day she literally ran into the rogue king. Who is known for being cru...
Akela (Avengers x wolf) by flickpriehs20
Akela (Avengers x wolf)by Felicity priehs
Akela is a 4 year old white wolf with golden eyes she has been caged her entire life and experimented on by hydra. One day she manages to escape the hell hole she's call...
Adopted By An Alpha  by Boeremeisie4life
Adopted By An Alpha by Carla Scheepers
Loretta Darcy Luanda Cooper is a 4 year old girl. But, there are 2 facts that separates her from any normal girl. 1: She's a royal. His Majesty Luhan Dylan Cooper'...
Little wolf  by chamomilekisses
Little wolf by chamomilekisses
Sheriff stilinski finds an abandoned 6 year old girl in the woods and realises that her eyes are glowing. This is the story of Molly, the werewolf Pup.
Mated Love  by nightowl7799
Mated Love by nightowl7799
After years of being treated like dirt and being taught it was right Emma finally escapes her captors only to be caught once again. Can she learn what love really is or...
Omega to Alpha by cori7g8
Omega to Alphaby cori7g8
Emory Fierce is an Omega in the Bloodstone Pack. She lives a miserable life as the pack's maid, chef, and personal punching bag. She knows she'll never escape and all sh...
Mafia is my little puppy(mdlg) by NotYourk
Mafia is my little puppy(mdlg)by NotYourK
When a stubborn and intolerant, werewolf gets classified as a little puppy, her whole life changes as she is fetched by a Vampire. Starting date:12 /13/22 Ending date:? ...
Daddy's Little One by sadlonelydepressed
Daddy's Little Oneby Ash
She's the youngest of the Alpha, she's his Little One. She's a special pup, not ordinary, not normal at all. Tiny and frail, Alpha Daddy makes sure she is never unattend...
Can't Woof It Out | Chase x Skye [Book One] ✔⚙ by Singularity_Writes
Can't Woof It Out | Chase x Skye [...by ✧༺❃ Catherine ❃༻✧
"I can't seem to woof it out... What is this feeling?" Skye asks herself. But she seems she couldn't put a paw on the right word... ✧༺ S...
The Alpha's... What? by Maddie_4
The Alpha's... What?by ❉maddie❉
(Yo this story is really crusty and I promise I am working in editing it - some characters may different as well as the plot line but like I cringe every time I read it...
New World Order by Pup-pup
New World Orderby Pup Echo
Humans are no longer at the top of the food chain, they are animals, livestock, playthings. The world has been flipped. Cover by the lovely PJOFan987651. My ko-fi: https...
2. TRUST ME 💜 // jikook ff (Completed) by kurtphoenixivan
2. TRUST ME 💜 // jikook ff (Compl...by yue xabarra
an omega that have a tragic past that keep him to not easily trust someone..... . . . an alpha with so much love n care that's willing to give all of him to prove his ho...
Pup-napped (PAW Patrol Fanfic) by MarvelousNovels
Pup-napped (PAW Patrol Fanfic)by Lily Strange
Pup-napped (PAW Patrol fan-fiction) {COMPLETED} When Chase doesn't return to the Lookout after controlling traffic in the night, Ryder and the pups begin to worry about...
MY ALPHA'S BREEDER  by khongiZee24
MY ALPHA'S BREEDER by khongiZee24
Alpha Dominic, faced with war. He is forced to take the daughter of the alpha who killed his father. He however doesn't want to. He is given a month to put his life in o...
Luna [Teen Wolf] by teeny_tiny_
Luna [Teen Wolf]by wut is my name
In which a small cub is destined for great things. [In progress]
The Socks Life (Bluey Fanfic) by Captain1Unikitty
The Socks Life (Bluey Fanfic)by Captain1Unikitty
Socks is a side character in Bluey, with a Rainbow Comics little reimagining, Socks goes on a journey about who she is and why she is the way she is. From baby to teen w...