Pack house

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Aurora’s pov  

The minute Travis and I were upstairs I tackled him in a hug and a deep kiss “why did you choose him Travis?” “I already told you I trust no one to protect you more then him I couldn’t think of a better beta to protect the pack” I kissed him again then walked over to the closet and began to pack. Travis of course knew something was wrong “What’s up princess?” he embraced me from behind I pushed futher into the hug “I’m not sure I know I haven’t lived here long but it seems wrong to sell it that’s all” “I understand I’ll get your dad to keep it never know it might come in handy” I let the tear fall down my cheek for this man who always did as I asked always thought about me first I love him so much he is perfect. ‘I heard that little one’ I blushed crimson so I had to bury my face in his chest “no need to be embarrassed princess I feel the same about you don’t understand how much I love you” he kissed the top of my head and let me continue to pack. We pilled all of our belongings in to a moving truck and took off in the direction that Travis’s map pointed. I felt like we had been driving forever along this stupid dirt road when all of a sudden a house came into view although house wouldn’t describe it well it was huge it looked like one of those mansions you see on TV that celebrity’s live in. “god dam” was all I could articulate Travis just chuckled beside me “this is ours?” I looked at him “apparently so according to the map but we’ll see if the keys work first” he stepped out of the truck my parents and brother all pulled up next “holy shit this is awesome” “very nice bro couldn’t come up with something smart?” he just glared at me. We all held our breath as Travis slid the key into the door and opened the house, I was completely stunned there were endless halls and doors it looked like you’d get a few hundred people in here “so who wants what room?” Travis joked. “Well we get the biggest one I spoke first” “wait why” my brother started “I’m older” I just smirked back “I’m alpha” and poked my tongue out. He huffed something along the lines of I’ll show you alpha but I decided to ignore him, the sound of a truck made us all turn around another one was behind it some jumped out of the first one looking really afraid “help me” she screamed Travis instantly changed from joking to Alpha sooooooooo hot “what happened?” she ran and opened the back of the truck Brent was there with a knife sticking out of his chest “shit it’s silver” we all growled silver wouldn’t kill us but it did stop you from being able to use your wolf “who the hell would do this” I asked she looked at me then anger showed on her face “Herbert.” I couldn’t believe he did this to his own brother, no one said anything for a minute just looking at Travis “I have an idea however it might kill him, but if we do nothing he’ll die anyway I can already hear his heart slowing” he looked at who was clearly his mate “do it please try to save him”

Travis got a glass and bit down on his wrist to let blood fill the cup it healed as soon as he was done he looked at Nathan “pull the knife out when I say go alright” my brother nodded at his command, he turned to my father “get blood all in the wound and his mouth” “what are you going to do?” my father questioned. “something I’ve never tried I’m going to force his wolf out, it’s going to be very pain full and draining on him, is everyone ready?” they all nodded his mate let out a whimper. “GO” it all happened so fast they moved like lightning but Travis’s power didn’t stop at just Brent, his mate Kym and her family shifted first then my parents lastly my brother and his mate only I could resist. He pulled his power back down and passed out I was suddenly very afraid and crouched over him protectively.

Everyone shifted back and got dressed “how is he?” I looked over to see Brent looking at Travis with worry “he’ll be ok” ‘Travis’ I probed his mind no response I tried to get my wolf to call to him as well, still nothing but he was breathing but without him there I just felt lost I couldn’t stand it much longer. After what seemed like hours ‘Aurora are you ok?’ ‘you are unconscious and you’re asking if I’m ok?’ ‘My only concern is you always will be my princess’ I let go a tear then another he always made me feel loved. I stayed sat there for a long time everyone else had started to get things into the house but kept checking on us, then after what felt like an eternity “hey babe” my heart raced as his eyes opened I felt relief wash over me as he pulled me down for a kiss I felt his love slide into me through the kiss it filled me with lust. Travis knew he wiggled his eye brows when we broke the kiss “which room’s ours?” “is that all you think about?” “no its what I’m thinking about right now though” I laughed Nathan stepped out of nowhere “ah alpha awake I see” Travis groaned “how bout we drop the alpha part and stick with Travis ok?” he smiled “no worries dude just letting you know your room is set up, everyone is resting except mum who found the kitchen” he rolled his eyes, we laughed of course “now I thought we should give everyone your blood at dinner at make it a first meeting ok?” “good idea Nathan, could you show us which room we got” he smiled and helped Travis up “follow me you two.

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