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Aurora’s pov

“ok I’ll tell you” I could see it hurt him I sat down next to him and took his hand in mine he let out a sigh and started “Aurora I have had the same dream every night forever but it’s more then that it’s a memory of the night I got these” he gusterd to his scars. “a man broke into our house I was hiding in the courner he beat my father to death in frount of me then he went upstairs pulled my mother down by her hair” I could hardly breathe he was in so much pain from this and I couldn’t help “he didn’t know I was there at first I watched him beat and rape my mum after he was done he broke her neck I saw her life leave her body then he moved on me.” All I could do was breathe I was feeling the edge of his pain but he was sheliding me from it with his power but even what he let through was horrible tears began to flow I didn’t let him see “he began to beat me I almost died he ment for me to I can still hear his voice telling me he was going to kill me, I have always been worried that he would come back to finish the job” he turned to look at me.

His face showed more pain now then when he was telling me about his past “oh baby I’m sorry please don’t cry I didn’t mean to make you upset please forgive me” I saw a tear leave his eye that made me feel even worse. “It’s ok travis don’t worry about it, I just forget that I’d feel your emotions” “what do you mean Aurora?” “I didn’t tell you that when we mated together for the first time we would began to feel each others emotions and thoughts” “wow that’s cool” I chuckled I still felt bad but then he kissed my forehead I instantaly melted.

“you cant do that to me Travis” “do what Babe?” you cant use your looks and touch to distract me” oh shit I shouldn’t have told him that judging by the smirk on his face. “hmm that sounds fun” he leaned in and licked my neck I couldn’t help it but I shiver ran down my spine I could feel myself getting wet “ohh travis please keep going it feel so good” he pulled back with a grin “as you wish princess” I blushed as he called me that. My thoughts were stolen when he kissed down my neck then my chest I wondered if he would stop but he kept going I couldn’t believe what he was doing then he kissed my clit and I didn’t care about anything anymore as he licked and sucked on me. I could feel the orgasm coming I was about to explode then he slid his fingers inside me I came louder and harder then ever before “oh my god travis please tell me that you will do that again another time” “I promise baby I rather enjoyed it to” “now it’s your turn” I stated with a smirk in my eye “what do you me.” I didn’t let him finish talking I slid his manhood in my mouth “oh don’t stop oh god Aurora” I let him build up a little before I couldn’t take it anymore “I cant wait any longer travis please I want you inside me.” He lept at the chance and it didn’t take long for him to erupt inside me that pushed me over the edge he passed out spooning me I couldn’t be happier I just hope he doesn’t dream again.”

Travis’s pov

I blinked a couple of times I pulled Aurora into me futher I heard her moan “morning princess, I must admit that was the best night of my life and I have never slept better.” She looked over her sholder at me “morning babe I feel the same way” she got an evil glint in her eye as she rubbed her ass against my already growing member “how about we make this the best wake up ever” she bit her bottom lip oh god it turned me on I thrust my lips to hers.

We ended up making love twice she was insatible I was having trouble keeping up but I sure as hell wasn’t complaining “hey sis mum wants to know if you two are coming out of that sex cave at all today?” she blushed so red I couldn’t help but laugh “yes thank you …. We will be out for food in just a minute thanks.” After getting dressed we headed down for food atmosphere in the room was almost painful you could cut through the tension with a knife I couldn’t take it anylonger.

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