watch as it all walls apart

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ok so this is the first thing i have ever tried to write in my life so I would love feed back how i can improve. I did have fun writing it so if anyone at all likes it ill keep writing. So thanks please vote and comment

------------------------------------------------------------- chapter 4 ----------------------------------------------------------------

Aurora's POV

As I was staring at the man in front of me I slowly took in all his features he was about six feet tall he had dirty blond hair and the deepest green eyes I had ever seen. "Stare much" he asked god his voice, I felt a blush creep up my cheeks "sorry I didn't mean to be rude umm what's your name?" "I'm Travis and you are?" "M my name is Aurora" "What a beautiful name it suits you" I felt the blush grow even worse. "Could you help me to the nurse by any chance?" "Umm yeah sorry I was lost in thought, where is it? I'm new" "yeah I gatherd you were new you just picked a fight with the local alpha's son, it's just up that way" "ok no worries" I stated helping him to walk towards the building he pointed out but the minuite he put his arm around me touching my sholder I almost let out a gasp in exticy. "Aren't you worried about Terry?" he asked "no why should I be" "cause he's a total loony." I couldn't help but laugh.

"Ah Travis back again I see this is a little faster then last year I see that Terry and his friends up to their usual tricks" it appered that he was a fequent flyer with the nurse, he opened his mouth to say something. "Don't bother Travis I can smell their scent all over your wounds" "I'd rather it just stay between us though I'm not really in the mood for a pissing match with the alpha" she laughed at his come back "very well then lets get a look at your chest" she turned to look at me but he beat her to the punch "it's ok if she stays if it wasn't for her I'd still be getting knocked nine ways from Sunday."

She laughed again before lifting his shirt I took in a deep breath he was such a stunning creature he had such a hot body execpt there was a deep scar that started in his stomach running all the way up to his neck but then he turned his head and I saw that it went all the way along his face. He cringed when he realised I had seen the scar his eyes held pain not just from the memory of the scars but there was something else to.

"Ok well it looks like the broken bones are healing already so how about you stay here for a while before heading to class and as for you miss I'll head to the office and get your timetable for you ok? Can you keep an eye on him for me?" Sure I'll wait here." She left the room without another word and before I had even thought it I had raced over to him and was tracing over his scars with my fingers when I felt a tingle start to roll up my arm then he looked into my eyes with pain. All I wanted to do was make it go away when I finally realised what was happening oh my god.

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