Watch as it all falls apart

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ok so this is the first thing i have ever tried to write in my life so I would love feed back how i can improve. I did have fun writing it so if anyone at all likes it ill keep writing. So thanks please vote and comment

-----------------------------------------Chapter 2-----------------------------------

Aurora's POV

"Come on honey get up and go to school" "ugh why the hell do I have to go to school with some backwards hick were-wolves? I'm not even one of them" "I know that darling but don't let them know that your different they wont be ably to tell the difference or sence what you are, so keep it to yourself ok? And get your lazy butt up now!" "fine I'm up" I finally managed the effort to drag myself out of bed and head for the shower hoping that when I got out I'd feel better about the whole endervour.

I walked down the stairs having spent an hour picking out an outfit I have no idea why I cared but some thing about today felt off like something horrible approaching.

"Ugh can you guys not do that at the table" "sorry sis but you know how it is" he very stupidly stated then he looked into my eyes that I knew where showing the hurt as I blinked back the tears. "Well actually I don't" I tried to state with defince "oh my god sis I'm so sorry I didn't think I really didn't mean that oh please forgive me" I was about to tell him it was ok when he squinted in pain as Tara beat him over the back of the head. "You insencative moron how could you be so stupid? Sometimes I don't know you at all" she seemed to be pucuating each word with another blow to the head. "Tara stop it's ok don't worry about it" but before I could get another word out she had wrapped herself around me in a bone crushing hug.

"I'm sorry about him are you ok?" "Does anyone care about me over here? I've just had my ass kicked by my mate the person who is supposed to love me, HELLOOOO. Only after I nodded did she run over and kiss him a little bit to passionatly for the table. "Well I'm no longer hungry I'm going to school" "ok but remember what I said my mum shouted from up stairs "yeah yeah I know" "oh and little sis don't forget if anyone hurts you I'll kill them" he laughed as he finished talking with a huge smile on his face. "Yeah very funny bro I'm going later" and I headed out the door to my car but I couldn't get rid of this feeling of dread in my stomach.

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