inside the pack house

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Travis’s Pov

Nathan led us up several flights of stairs pointing out various rooms of interest so far we had passed a games room with the biggest TV I’ve ever seen, a gym, a theatre room and my favourite an indoor swimming pool. I get the feeling I’m going to be very happy here ‘I heard that Travis’ I smirked at her ‘what sue me I always dreamed of a place just like this and a woman just like you I just never thought I’d get what I wished for.’ I looked over at Aurora she was crying “oh baby don’t cry I didn’t mean to upset you” she tackled me in a hug “Travis you always know how to make me feel special and loved, I can never thank the gods enough for giving me a mate like you, I’ll love you forever.” I was about to say something back however I was silenced by lips she kissed me with more passion than I thought possible. I couldn’t stop I pushed her into the wall as she moaned “HEY” we broke apart I growled at Nathan “I was walking past talking to myself while you two were back here dry humping each other.” I let out a chuckle “well if you got us to our room quicker you wouldn’t have had an issue” Nathan just laughed “how about we run then” Aurora let out a laugh “can you keep up brother?” with that we all ran through the house. Nathan stopped outside a large door “enjoy” without another word he left in a blink of an eye “well shall we princess?” I opened the door to enjoy a gasp from my sweet mate “wow” was all I had. I took in the room although it was more like an apartment the bed was huge it couldn’t be king size it was way bigger it looked more like orgy size. I heard a loud growl “I don’t share Travis” I laughed to myself as if I’d share her if any guy came near her I’d tear them apart “heard that.” I noticed several doors leading the of the room I opened the first one it was like a dam shopping mall, I left that room quickly going into the next to see a bathroom the shower looked like it belonged on a space ship nozzles and buttons the bathtub was no better. The last door led to a private lounge/theatre it is awesome. I left the room to see the most innocent thing ever my mate bouncing up and down on the bed. “How cute” she turned blushing “shut up I couldn’t help myself” I slowly made my way to the bed “so do you want to test the bed?” I wiggled my eyebrows I could smell her lust. I didn’t get an answer but she slowly lifted her shirt to revel a purple lace bra I copied her actions. I was just about to grab hold of her when she started to cry I couldn’t help but despise myself a little “what’s the matter babe we don’t have to if you don’t want” “it’s not that Travis it’s just” she grabbed me in a hug “I thought I lost you today, I couldn’t live without you Travis” she was crying onto my bare chest “I’m sorry baby I didn’t think”

She kept crying for a while till she fell asleep I didn’t move so I wouldn’t wake her however my ass was going numb and we had ten minutes till dinner “Aurora wake up sweetie” “mmm what?” “princess it’s time to head down for dinner” she sat up “okay and I’m sorry” I turned around I was near the door “for what princess” “well we were getting all hot and steamy than all of a sudden I go all freaked out mate on you.” I hugged her again “it’s okay babe I didn’t mean to freak you out, or disregard your feelings, now come on we’ll be ok now let’s go get some of your mum’s awesome cooking” with that I smacked her butt out the door. I sprinted to the dining room before she could get me back, “hey everyone how are we?” “Alpha” was chorused I was about to say something “Alpha female” was all the warning I got before something hit the back of my head “ouch” “bullshit Travis that didn’t hurt however it will next time” she took off towards the head of the table to sit beside me. I just chuckled and followed her I looked at everyone properly for the first time “Brent how are you?” he smiled “thanks to you I’m fine oh by the way this is my other son Nathanial.” I smiled to the boy “hello Nathanial welcome to your new home I hope you will be happy here” he grimissed at his full name “thank you alpha, could you call me Nate though?” “as long as you call me Travis” he smiled again. I looked for Kym but couldn’t find her I was about to ask but was beaten by her mother “Kym will not see anyone” she looked upset I turned to Aurora “could you ask her to join us let her know she receives no judgement from us in fact I offer her nothing but respect” she left without another word. I felt as if I had grown another head “is something the matter?” I asked no one in particular but was answered by Stacy “you are a strange Alpha Travis” “what do you mean?” she looked to be weighing her thoughts “most alpha’s wouldn’t want Kym around due to her not waiting for her mate” she was about to continue “that’s just the problem with packs though they say alpha female she holds less power than the weakest male, this place will be different I expect people to follow Aurora’s orders as if they were my own and I would expect the same for you as Beta female.” More shocked faces I was about to ask them to stop when Tom piped up “maybe we should do this Travis since Aurora and Kym don’t need your blood to be pack bound as they already have it” “excellent idea, let’s get it over with so we can enjoy the lovely dinner Samantha has made for us all” “the other females helped to” Samantha recanted “oh my apologies thanks to you all then.” I nodded to Tom who brought a glass and knife over to me I grabbed the glass but made no move to get the knife “why not cut yourself instead of bite?” “I don’t know really I just don’t feel right about it I’d rather do this.” With that I bit down and let blood pour into the glass when the glass was full I passed it to Kym’s parents first who drank to get her but not before toasting long live the pack and so it went till Tom the last to drink lifted the glass and finished the remaining his eyes widend for a fraction of a second I’d have to ask why another time. “I don’t feel so good” I turned “what’s the matter Nathan?” “I fell a bit weird to” I looked to the others to see if they were feeling it to none spoke till Nathan and Stacy screamed and started to grow.

I could see the others freaking out “Calm down everyone” we turned to look at Brent “it’s nothing his blood must have seen you as the Beta’s is just making you stronger amoung other things” “why aren’t you effected?” I asked him, he looked at me like I was crazy “I was already a beta so if fact I took a step down the power level. We just sat and watched for a few minutes till they stopped looking like they were in pain “wow your blood’s the good shit.” I cracked up laughing as did everyone else “still the articulate one bro” in walked Aurora with Kym behind her “I never got to thank you properly Travis, though nothing I do will ever be enough” I held up a hand to silence her “Kym no thanks are needed just be glad that it’s over and we can move on ok?”

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