6.) Change your location.

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Changed your mind about where you want to live? Recently moved or just don’t feel comfortable with what your location currently says? Well fret no longer fellow Wattpader, because Wattpad allows you to change your location as often as you like, and this step by step guide will show you how!

1.)   Go to your profile.

You can go to your profile by clicking on the drop down menu next to the search bar, where it says hi ‘your name.’

2.)   Edit profile.

This option can be found next to ‘About Me’ at the top of your Wattpad profile.

3.)   Click ‘edit’ at the bottom of your ‘Edit profile’ page.

Scroll down on the ‘My account’ page, until you see the option ‘Edit’ and then it’s all just a click of the mouse.

4.)   Write whatever you like in the ‘location’ option.

Just highlight over it, backspace, re-write whatever you feel comfortable in sharing and away you go! The great thing about this is that you can put whatever you like there. Many Wattpaders even write things like, ‘Unknown’ or even joke around by saying something silly such as, ‘Everywhere.’ If you don’t want to state where you live, you don’t need to.

5.)   Don’t forget to ‘save’ your changes afterwards!

You can do this by scrolling down and clicking the ‘save’ option. 

The great thing about this set up is that if you ever move, or just want to change your location, you can write whatever you feel comfortable with sharing as much as you like!

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