5/ When your story is finished

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When your story is finished

When you have finished a story, why not show other people it’'s completed. You can do this by using the following steps. Some you may already now from previous posts.

1. Go to “My works” by clicking on “Upload”. You can find this in the black bar on top of your screen, or go directly to “My Works” in the drop down menu, which you can find by going to where it says “Hi ‘your username’”.

Now you’ll have an overview of all your uploads.

2. Click on "manage" - you can find this on the right, next to the title of the story group that is finished. A pop up will appear, and will let you edit your story group.

3. Select “Completed

4. Finish by clicking on “Save” and you’re done. Now you'll see a green check mark next to the story title.

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