4/ How to add more parts

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How to add more parts

To add more parts to a story group, you click on “Upload”. You can find this in the black bar on top of your screen, or go to “My Works” in the drop down menu, which you can find by going to where it says “Hi ‘your username’”.

Now you’ll have an overview of all your uploads.

Option 1:

1. Click on "New chapter" next to the title of your story group and follow all the steps mentioned in the posts about uploading.

2. Wehn you finish your upload, this part will automatically be added to your story group.

Option 2:

1. Click on “Start a new story” and follow all the steps we previously posted in the part regarding “Uploading your first story”

2. When you have saved your work, you can now add it to the story group it belongs to by using the following steps:

3. Click on "manage" next to the name of the story group you want to add your latest upload to.

4. In the box on the right you will see the parts you’ve already written. Select the part you want to be in this story group and then click “<<”.

5. When you added all the parts you want to be in this story group, you can put them in the order you want by selecting a part and clicking on “up” or “down”.

6. Click “Save” when you’re done, and there you go, your part has been added to the story group

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