7/ Casting

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How to create a cast?

As a reader it can be fun to know what the characters look like, and as a writer you might like to let your readers know how you imagine your characters - that's where the casting option comes in very handy.

To put a cast together, follow the following steps and sooner than you think, celebreties will be starring in your story.

1. First of alll you need to have a story. So step one is pretty obvious: Upload your story (check the previous posts to find out how you can do that)

2. Go to your story - not in 'my works' where you can edit your story, but like when you'd read your own story on Wattpad.

3. On the right - under where you can add a video and picture - you'll find "Cast". That's where your cast will appear once you've added the characters.

 a) Click on "Add a character"

 b) Fill in the name of the celebrety you want to star as one of your characters

 c) Fill in the name of your character

 d) Click "Save"

If you want to add more characters, simply click "add character" and repeat steps b, c and d.

4. In case you were wrong or changed your mind about your characters, you can simply change and/or delete your characters by clicking "Change Cast". Then you can change the names, or delete a character by clicking on the "x" next to the character.

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