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Advanced options



Here you can choose whether you want to share your work with everyone (public), or rather keep it private. When you choose for private, your work will only be available to you and your fans.

Important Note: When you decided to make your work private, but change your mind later on, you will have to contact Wattpad. You won’t be able to change it to public by yourself. This is because stories are automatically made private by Wattpad’s content censors. They are working on a way to differentiate between stories that are made private by writers, but it's not ready yet.


Select in which language your work is written.

External link:

Add and external link in case you want to refer to some other website.

Youtube Video:

Paste the link to the Youtube video you want to add to this part.


When you want to add a picture to this upload, you simply have to add the direct link to the picture online (this can be a picture you found on Google or a picture you saved on your account on Photobucket for example). You can also add the link to a slideshow you made on Photobucket.

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