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Fun-times aren't always great. FNaF: SL (Fun time Freddy x reader) by PsychoticFun87
Fun-times aren't always great. FNa...by Psychotic
Just a Fun-time freddy x reader. Sorry if this story gets confusing, hope you enjoy! Title cover is made by my friend https://www.wattpad.com/user/_Lost_in_insanity_
My Baby (Male Reader X Circus Baby) by MilkyWayMercy
My Baby (Male Reader X Circus Baby)by Blue Bird Nikki
Your a new guard at Circus Baby's pizzaria, your doing this because you lost a bet to your friend and now must work here for 5 nights, but you didn't think a animatronic...
Fnaf Sister Location Songs & Lyrics by xenoX323
Fnaf Sister Location Songs & Lyricsby ⇜ Xeno X ⇝
Songs from your favorite artists about the latest Fnaf game Sister Location! -- All rights belong to the artists, I do not own any of these songs or lyrics --
FNAF Oneshots And Scenarios!!!!!!!!!!!(I take Requests) by __Ramen__
FNAF Oneshots And Scenarios...by __Ramen__
So you know what this is from the title but I don't and won't write LEMONS OR SMUT SO DONT EXPECT TO SEE ANY!!!! You can also leave requests and I will get them done as...
The One In Shadows - Sister Location x Reader by Lancey_Lancelot
The One In Shadows - Sister Locati...by Your Local Lesbian
You, one of William Afton's remaining children, are asked to take over the night shift and technician job since the last guard quit. I wonder what could happen? !!WARNI...
The FNaF Files by LuckyShrimp1432
The FNaF Filesby LuckyShrimp1432
This is a series of files that the Freddy Fazbear company keeps. I do not own the Five Nights At Freddy's Franchise. It belongs to Scott Cawthon.
Why Should I Listen?(A Frexy Story) by FuntimeLizzy
Why Should I Listen?(A Frexy Story)by `~}Da_Flurry_CinnaBon_Fox{~`
Yes, This is a Frexy Story, I ain't telling you what's gonna happen, so just read it. The drawing rightfully belongs to Myebi. And I don't own FNAF if that's not obvious...
Ask and Dare The Sister Location Gang by Nightmarefazbear24
Ask and Dare The Sister Location G...by Madison
Dare and ask the Fnaf Sister Location characters. The further you read, the more the plot thickens and gets darker. Not all is as it seems. *This story has yet to be ed...
"What?" by KittyExplosion
"What?"by Im Tired
BabyxBallora gangggggg
Funtime Freddy x reader~Healing Pain~ by Plushtrapfnaf4
Funtime Freddy x reader~Healing Pa...by Shadow Bonnie
This was originally on my quotev and I wanted it here, so here ya go! I may discontinue it and put the link to it from quotev instead if it gives me trouble. Anyways, en...
FNAF Song Lyrics (All songs) by demitrah101
FNAF Song Lyrics (All songs)by Crimson Wind
Come check out some of the FNAF songs. I have the songs and lyrics right here. You can suggest what songs you want me to do next. Enjoy!!! Disclaimer!!! I don't own ANY...
Baby x Ballora One-shots by Applekinz
Baby x Ballora One-shotsby no dice
Just a couple of one-shots between a bossy, uptight clown and a kind, graceful ballerina. If they are not in the facility, it's most likely that they are human. None o...
 Interracial imagines book ✨ by j0hnnyd3pps_h0e
Interracial imagines book ✨by j0hnnyd3pps_h0e
This is an interracial imagines book that consists of my fave celebs and locations in the world ✨
Funtime foxy x lolbit by vixenfanfic
Funtime foxy x lolbitby Vixen
The ones who live in back room like ennard bonnet lolbit and yenndo think the other animatronics are evil and wanted to replace them but lolbit and bonnet go out the bac...
Circus Baby's Pizza World by lockhqu
Circus Baby's Pizza Worldby Melissa’s Angel
Welcome to Circus Baby's Pizza World, where family fun and interactivity go beyond anything you've seen at those *other* pizza places! With cutting-edge animatronic ente...
You can trust me "motherly Circus Baby x Reader by debunkingnightmare
You can trust me "motherly Circus...by Justyouraveragefurry
Circus Baby the leader of the Funtime she tends to act like a mother to the funtimes. When a new worker comes Circus Baby is head over heels for her and liked the idea o...
I'me (NOT)sorry a fnaf Minecraft storry by Sansoboybot
I'me (NOT)sorry a fnaf Minecraft s...by Maybe A Weeb Pen
A storry of that foxy base enough so he make a deal whit the voice
Trapped In Sister Location  (Markiplier X Reader) COMPLETE by FNAFKaleb
Trapped In Sister Location (Marki...by FNAFKaleb
You are Mark's friend. You both decide to play Sister Location and record it. Suddenly, something weird happens. You get knocked out and wake up in the elevator with Ma...
Deep Underground by GirlGamer152
Deep Undergroundby GirlGamer152
Deep Below Ground...Fear...Where Memories Sleep...Panic...Anger Is Restless...Dread...And Secrets Do Keep...Terror... That's Where We Are...And DoN't HoLd It AgAiNsT uS...
Wattpad for Dummies by Writing-101
Wattpad for Dummiesby Emma and Lisa.
A 'Step by step'-guide on how to get the most out of Wattpad.