2/ How To Edit A Story Group

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How to edit a new story group


It is easier for the reader, but for you as well, when you put all the chapters of your story into the same story group. It will be less overwhelming when people come to your page. Not to mention that it will be less confusing to find some of your work.

Edit your story group:

1. To go to your story group you have to click on “Upload”. You can find this in the black bar on top of your screen, or go to “My Works” in the drop down menu, which you can find by going to where it says “Hi ‘your username’”.

2. Click on "manage", you can find this on the right - next to the name of the story group.

3.A pop up will appear where you will be able to edit the settings of your story group:

Story group title:

Enter the title of your book, collection of poems, …


By adding a description, people will be able to see what your work is about. That’s why it’s better to think of a good description before posting it. Know that mistakes in this description will do no good to the popularity of your story. Try to write it in such a way that when people read it, they’ll want to read your story.  

How to add different parts:

In the box on the right you will see the parts you’ve already written. Select the part you want to be in this story group and then click “<<”. You can do this with as many parts as you like. There’s no need to worry when you accidentally add the wrong part. You can undo this by selecting the wrong part in the box on the left and clicking on “>>”.

When you added all the parts you want to be in this story group, you can put them in the order you want by selecting a part and clicking on “up” or “down”.

Note: When you only add drafts, your story group will stay invisible. It’s only once you add a published part that the story group will appear on your profile page.

Ongoing vs. complete:

Ongoing speaks for itself, this means that your story isn’t finished yet and more chapters/parts will follow.

Completed: A green check-mark will appear next to the title of your story. That way, people know your story is completed. 


The final step is to click “Save” when you’re done with the changes.

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