3.) Change your username.

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Sick of using the same username? Want to be known by a different username? Have an alter ego? Well fret no longer fellow Wattpader, because you can change your Wattpad name as often as you like using this simple step by step guide on how to change your user-name.

1.)   Go to your profile.

You can go to your profile by clicking on the drop down menu next to the search bar, where it says hi ‘your name.’

2.)   Edit profile.

This option can be found next to ‘About Me’ at the top of your Wattpad profile.

3.)   Click ‘edit’ at the bottom of your ‘Edit profile’ page.

Scroll down on the ‘My account’ page, until you see the option ‘Edit’ and then it’s all just a click of the mouse.

4.)   Click ‘change’ when in edit profile mode.

When you click on that a pop up will occur with a warning on it, be sure to read this pop up because it will explain everything you need to know before changing your Wattpad username.

Now you’re looking spunky with your new Wattpad username! If you ever wish to change your username again, or are incredibly indecisive and plan to change it on a regular daily basis, just follow this easy step – by – step guide. 

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