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How to add a book cover


What is a book without a cover?

Let’s find out how you can add your very own book cover to your story.

To add a book cover to your story group, you click on “Upload”. You can find this in the black bar on top of your screen, or go to “My Works” in the drop down menu, which you can find by going to where it says “Hi ‘your username’”.

Now you’ll have an overview of all your uploads.

Adding a book cover:

Option 1: By simply clicking on the rectangle that reads “no cover” you can add your book cover. You should see this rectangle on the left, right before the story group title.

Option 2: On the right - next to the title of your story - you'll find "cover", click on that.

Upload a picture:

A pop up will appear and you’ll be asked to upload a picture by browsing through your computer files. For the book cover you need to have the picture saved on your computer instead of using a direct link to the picture online like when you want to add a picture to one of your chapters (see one of previous posts)

Important note: If you want your book cover to be shown properly, it is recommended to use the following dimension: 256x400

Once again, be careful not to use any copyrighted or offensive material!

When you’ve selected your book cover, you can upload it by double-clicking or by ‘opening’ it. Your cover will be added automatically to your story group.

Help with covers:

When you find it hard to create a cover, or when you need inspiration, tips and/or help; there is a club that has been made especially for all of this.

You can find it here: http://www.wattpad.com/club/30-book-cover, or by going to the club page (click on the ‘clubs’-tab on the black bar on top of your screen, and then look for the club with the name “Book Cover”)


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