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Just Below 0° - [Hetalia] Uncle!2p!Canada x Bratty!Reader by AmericaAteMyUsername
Just Below 0° - [Hetalia] Uncle! Gone Writing!
"You text too much!" your dad complains. "You never go outside!" your mother nags. "I'm just a normal teenager!" you retort. But eventuall...
  • teen
  • whiny
  • nunavut
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Pear Shaped by fireflying505
Pear Shapedby Amber
~Chicklit short story contest finalist~ For Chloe Mills, her life starts to go pear-shaped when she turns thirty. Her boyfriend has just left her and soon even her job a...
  • chat
  • work
  • recession
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Right Where She Belongs by JoJo_Classic
Right Where She Belongsby Jordyn
"Oh god," I made little gasping sounds, unable to stop my eyes from rereading the note again and again."This can't be happening." Love conquers all...
  • guilt
  • betrayal
  • apologies
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Just Over NY - [Hetalia] Uncle!2p!Canada x Bratty!Reader by AmericaAteMyUsername
Just Over NY - [Hetalia] Uncle! Gone Writing!
[Please read Just Below 0 first if you haven't yet! You'll understand this so much better, I promise. >w0] You've been in New York for six months now, time passing so...
  • reader
  • nunavut
  • whiney
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Stars by republicans
Starsby @AnneeSparrow
❝ They watched the stars, night after night ❞ { Watty 2015 Winner Copyright © republicans. All Rights Reserved }
  • touch
  • stargaze
  • connect
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The Stride Senior Girl || Prince Of Stride Fanfic  by Michaelisyoung
The Stride Senior Girl || Prince Haru
"a girl who wants to join the Stride club? Wow, you're funny." Somehow she's knows Kyōsuke Kuga, Tomoe Yagami and Reiji Suwa for some reason, let's find out wh...
  • sport
  • anime
  • heath
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The Dragonet Community { OPEN } by Yugana_Penrozu
The Dragonet Community { OPEN }by Gracious Vessalius Penrose
To all of those who were lost, to all of those who want to be cared for, to all of those who wish to start anew, and to all of those who want to be recognized... this on...
  • connect
  • kindess
  • together
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Follow For Follow by FasinationJunkie
Follow For Followby FasinationJunkie
Too little followers? You've come to the right place to gain hundreds. Enter and see for yourself. [Cover made by me]
  • f4f
  • followback
  • feature
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Wattpad for Dummies by Writing-101
Wattpad for Dummiesby Emma and Lisa.
A 'Step by step'-guide on how to get the most out of Wattpad.
  • connect
  • website
  • hav
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ALOHA | MATTHEW GRAY GUBLER by dkdndnsn11111
aloha : hello and goodbye. - Elle Fanning, extreme actor and gorgeous model switches role and begins to work on the set of abc's criminal minds. Lovely to see everyon...
  • happy
  • connect
  • actors
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Hurt by Florel09
Hurtby Gold
Liv has had a traumatic past but is trying to get over it with her new family. But will she find new love.
  • hurt
  • connect
  • tears
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tag memes💫 by GleekyAndGorgeous
tag memes💫by Caroline
these fun games (a cross between personality quizzes and "tag yourself" memes) will reveal a lot about you and the inner workings of your mind!! tally your sc...
  • humor
  • personality
  • tagyourself
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Warrior's princess (Completed) by SvShri
Warrior's princess (Completed)by Bunny Krish
Won Gold Ivory Awards Silver Best position #6 in historical fiction... This is a story about a beautiful princess and her love, a warrior. It is the journey of a lov...
  • nesam
  • pastbirth
  • pain
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Marshmallow Art Club [OPEN] by _SilverSpider_
Marshmallow Art Club [OPEN]by Emme
Hey! It's Hime and Empress again and we're here to bring you the third installment of our Marshmallow Series--the Marshmallow Art Club! In here you will find the fl...
  • marshmallow
  • friends
  • family
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Writers Meet Illustrators by childrensfiction
Writers Meet Illustratorsby Children’s fiction
Are you a writer of children's stories looking for illustrations? Do you love drawing the characters of a great story? This is the place wher writers and illustrators of...
  • picture
  • illustration
  • writer
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Valkyrie Connect Zodiac by ValkyrieConnect
Valkyrie Connect Zodiacby Valkyrie Connect
For players of Valkyrie Connect by Ateam Inc. The very first VC Zodiac book!
  • cancer
  • libra
  • gemini
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Connecting Cards by LordAyakashi
Connecting Cardsby SakuraCielo
In this world, soulmates are known to look for each other. though they won't meet without a challenge, demons and magic exist here too In the year where the students ar...
  • cards
  • r27
  • school
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MEET AND GREET by SouthernDreamerXO
Hello. Just a post to say hi and meet and greet people. Answer any questions you see if you'd like. ☺
  • connect
  • connections
  • fff
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PASTI KOMPLIT, CALL 0817-9659-287, Perkulakan Fitting Hydraulic Di Jambi by AgenFittingHydraulic
PASTI KOMPLIT, CALL Supplier Fitting Hydraulic
KLIK, Fitting Hydraulic Couplers, Fitting Hydraulic Cylinder Seals, Fitting Hydraulic Connectors, Hydraulic Fitting Cad Models, Hydraulic Fitt...
  • connect
  • hydraulic
  • sizes
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The Puzzle Awards  |Judging| by ThePuzzleAwards
The Puzzle Awards |Judging|by The Puzzle Awards 🧩
[CLOSED FOR ENTRIES] Everyone wants to be seen, to be heard, to be known, and to connect with others... Yes, if you think you're the missing puzzle piece then what are y...
  • puzzle
  • awards
  • gainreads
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