Wattpad for Dummies

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Emma and Lisa. By Writing-101 Updated 4 years ago
A 'Step by step'-guide on how to get the most out of Wattpad.
Yes, being on Mobile DOES make a difference. A lot of features on desktop are missing on mobile, like clubs.
Me too. I dont know where they are or how to join them. Im on mobile though, so that might make a difference.
ok so many comments on my story get marked as offensive just because of cussing when it's notand i used to be able to unmark it. How do i mark a comment inoffensive??
I've read about these clubs but never seen one or how to join one.
@newharrypotter haha thnx but like that comment was so 2014...look at the date
go to notifications, and it should tell you who commented and what they said.  I literally just found this out on my new story I published this morning.  
                                    I'm glad I can help,