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"Dear Diary,

Life isn't something we can plan out, it just happens. I learned it the hard way. People say a broken heart is the hardest to heal. But I don't know which one hurts more, to feel so hurt by the fact that I'm a killer or to feel numb to everything around me.

After that war I found myself waking up in Zach's lap. First I didn't understand why I was alive. The dagger was supposed to kill me and that was the purpose of opening the gate. But later I found out Danny exchanged the dagger before it really killed me.

He was so ashamed that he couldn't even look at me in the eyes for days. He apologized a lot and even when I said I forgave him he didn't believe me. But I can be persistent when I want to be so I'm hoping he'll get over it just as I have.

Zach, on the other hand, he went quiet. The moment we return from hell, he locked himself in Danny's house for days. I knew why he was sad. His bindings were gone making him a lone soul. But I know he'll get better. Nowadays he's working as a volunteer in a hospital, where he could take souls that were about to die as his bindings. And, emotionally, I hope one day he finds the strength to move on from all the things he went through.

Also, Danny finally told me that he was a detective and he was the one who handled my case. His best friend Aaron got home yesterday but he was so weak due to possession. He had been continually possessed by Sage's people before and it has drastically changed him. Now he knows the other world that we live in.

And I've decided to live as much normal as I can. Which starts with Zach and I going to finish college online. I mean the sole idea was mine but Zach didn't look too disturbed by it. Judging by his mental health now, I am sure this will be the perfect distraction he had been looking for after losing his trinket.  

After Dalton destroyed the original diary Samara gave me, he offered me this one as an apology. When I started to write in that diary I was desperate for some kind of normalcy. I wanted to keep myself sane, I wanted the fact like me being a Reaper just a story, an idea. But I never thought I could find someone like Danny again. I never expected to meet my real family and a coven who still had their door opened for me. Once upon a time, I wasn't ready to be a Reaper. But today I am as forever I will be. So this is probably going to be my last entry.

Going to miss you,

"Lana! We have to go. We're going to be late!" Danny's voice broke the trance Lana was in. Today was the day they were going to Keisha's funeral. She didn't know what to feel at the moment. She didn't know how to react to all of this. She didn't even know if she should be reacting at all.

The car drive seemed unreal, like some horrible dream. Danny had been silent and she had stared out of the window. She kept waiting to wake from this dream as if that will change the fact that she killed her own mom.

"It's okay to feel pain right now, Lana. It's okay to cry." Danny whispered to which she only nodded. After that day, they found Keisha's body in the basement so they brought her with them to bury her. Lana didn't want to say goodbye. She wanted their last goodbye to be in that abyss. Keisha seemed happy and more alive than the casket she was lying on right now.

"We're here," Danny suddenly declared making her sigh. It was time. She threw herself from the car, closing her eyes and trying to clear her thoughts. Every time she tried, she saw the image of Keisha's lifeless body.

When Zach saw them coming he ran up and gave her a hug. She hugged him back and watched men carry her mom's casket through the cemetery from afar. Dalton and his clan members organized the whole funeral even if they hated her. Though out of all the people, Dalton looked mostly hurt as he kept his eyes on the casket the whole time. He even did all the duties a family member should do at a funeral. Lana felt that was weird but maybe they knew each other years ago. One more reason for her to feel guilty. 

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