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Walking into the dark alley of New York, Zach pulled his hoodie up before entering his small apartment. Taking out some papers he was going to need today, he left the apartment again only to go into the garage. Bringing his bike back, he called the one person he meant to call and demand answers.

After ringing two times the call was answered. "Hello?"

"I got what you wanted. Now give me what I want." He couldn't help but spat when he heard a chuckle echoing from the other side of the phone. Cringing at the sound, he cursed lowly as the papers in his pocket started to feel more like trouble than anything. 

"So you sure you got the right papers?" A rough voice asked which Zach wanted to roll his eyes at but instead, he answered with an affirmative response.

"Good. Then come to the Earthvile bar at 8. Not too early, not too late. Just on time. Remember, time is everything." 

Before Zach could ask why all this secrecy mattered, he got another call coming immediately. He had half the mind to let it ring but once he saw it was Luke, the sigh left from his lips involuntary. It wasn't that man he worked for, but talking to Luke didn't sound pleasant at the moment too. As his phone started ringing for the second time, he picked it up. 

"Hey, how are things going?" He asked as soon as Zach received the call.

"Just as usual. What about the game?" Zach looked around him for any suspicious figures as he asked Luke about the game. He had a life once, a better one but one accidental meeting ruined it all. Playing didn't come to him naturally anymore, trusting people became even harder to the point that he wanted to go far away and never return.

But Lana deserved better than that.

He was going to give her more than that. 

"We won obviously. But still, this isn't the same without you. It was our last game before the summer break. Why did you have to bail like that?" His angry tone spoke volumes. They had played together since they were in High school. Zach didn't know what to say. He had been too busy searching for goddamn answers no sane person could ever think of. It was best if he bailed. But of course like every other thing, he couldn't say that to Luke. He didn't even realize that he was silent longer than he thought when Luke's voice reached his ears. 

"No answer. Just as I thought. But what about Lana? She's your girlfriend, man. She looked so sad when she was asking for you today. She even asked if you were seeing someone else. Is that true?"

"Of course not! The fuck, I love her!" He yelled out at Luke's audacity. But even he couldn't say that he deserved the same love back. He had been avoiding her since...he didn't want to remember.

"Then make things right. She doesn't deserve your hot and cold attitude after what happened to Samara. I'd know what that feels like." Gulping the fear, Zach nodded even if Luke couldn't see him. But that's what he was doing, wasn't he? He was making things right.

"I will, Luke. I'll make things right." Suddenly noticing the time, he cursed and cut the call without saying anything. 

It was time to get some little truth. 


Zach waited at the bar, taking a long sip of his beer. Only a matter of time when he would find all of his answers...hopefully. The bar was packed with bodies dancing crazily with pop songs. When someone called his name, he turned around to see the bouncer. As usual, the bouncer did the routine checkup on Zach to see what he was carrying. Before Zach could say anything, someone startled him by tapping his shoulder. 

"How have you been?" Someone from the group of men dressing in black asked Zach as he gaped at them with wide eyes. They were huge in a physical sense. And, all of their faces were so pale that even Lana seemed to have some color in comparison. 

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