The Fiction Awards 2019

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Ok, you guys kind of startled me first thing in the morning by voting for Thorned in the fiction awards. I didn't even notice it started so thanks for the mention!

I think many of you know that 'The fiction awards 2019' has already started. The readers who didn't know, this is a nomination to select books that made you laugh, cry, and mingle with the character's life like they were your own.

This is a voting system that will carry from May 15th to June 3rd, for books of all categories. The stories that have enough votes will be qualified to win the contest. And you readers, have the power to vote your favorite books that made you want to read again and made you feel thrilled.

Now if you enjoyed my stories, please let me know by voting! But first, make sure you read the rules! To vote, go to the account thefictionawards

Find the book named 'The Fiction Awards 2019'. There on the nomination page find the genre your favorite book is in. Then you have to put your favorite books on inline comments beside the genres.

If you want to vote my books then these books are in the following genre:

Action: Thorned (A Vicious Duet, #1), Damaged (A Vicious Duet, #2), Lethal (Devil's Shadow MC, Book 1), Snipper (Serpent's MC, Book 2), Reaper (Serpent's MC, Book 3)

Paranormal: Sacrificed.

Thank you in advance who have voted for my books and if you guys want me to vote for your books then let me know!

Happy reading! 

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