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When Lana and Zach got upstairs every person was looking at Lana like she was supposed to change somehow, be more broken. With a bored look on his face, Zach took her to Sage. Sage was still unaware of the things they did in the basement or even if he knew, he did a very good job at hiding his expressions.

" she going to do everything we want?" Sage asked Zach who nodded with a smirk.

With a grin, Sage pointed at the pentagram for Lana to sit again. Lana could have fought against him, but Sage shoved her on the pentagram before she could so much say a word. 

"Where is Roth? She was supposed to bring you." He asked to which Lana shrugged. When Sage turned to Zach for an answer, he made up something like her leaving a while ago to bring more ingredients. Satisfied with the answer, Sage started to chant. But he wasn't summoning Keisha yet. He was going back to the person he really was...a hellhound. He was gnashing his teeth and his whole body lighted with flame. To Lana's shock, this time everybody started to chant. She helplessly looked at Zach to see that he was already nodding at her to do something.

She didn't remember what happened next. She didn't even know where she found that power in her to stand up and give Sage a daring smirk. She closed her eyes and remembered the spells she used to hear in the coven. The sleepless nights she had been reading about these creatures. Her birth mother's life, her own and the whole world depended on Lana's actions.

Surprisingly, Sage didn't retaliate yet. He merely gave Lana a curious glance to see what she would do. Anger and pain sharpened her focus. She imagined the horror they created, the pain they gave Hannah and the coven. Then she glanced down to see red lights at the fingertips of her hand. She might not be a witch but Keisha's words resurfaced her mind. "Blood magic is all about emotions. Doesn't matter if you are a witch or not. When you recognize that urge inside you, let it loose." 

Right then, Lana recognized those urge to hurt Sage and his people.

She opened her eyes wide, reached out and with every ounce of strength she possessed, pushed the light out towards the people who were coming close to her. The creatures scream filled her ears. Drops of blood and ash rained to the floor where once the creatures were standing. She was outnumbered but it didn't make her afraid. What she did to ruthlessly keep killing was justified as cruel it sounds.

Not so surprisingly, Sage was beyond pissed now. Lana guessed even he had a limit. When he turned to attack her, Zach suddenly pulled the trinket from his wrist to bind Sage. She didn't know where he did time to manage that but she was glad once he did.

"You can't just bind me to you! I'm a hellhound. I'm million years old and stronger than you, you Goddamn fool!" Sage screamed and his people or what was left of them tried to struggle out of the bind.

Suddenly Sage managed to break the bind and slammed past Lana, straight into Zach making them both broke the portion and shattering the glass on impact. Zach was too shocked to do something and to Lana's horror, Sage bit his arm...hard. Lana didn't know who screamed first; Zach or her. Heart pumping and screaming for him, she stumbled from the room in shock, to the other side of the room.

Zach was pinned to the ground by none other than Sage a few feets away from her. His hands were clenched around Zach's throat as he held him off.

"We killed Roth." Zach let out a chuckle and if possible Sage got even angrier.

"And you couldn't do anything about it." He finished. What the hell was wrong with him? Did he have a death wish?

This time Sage chucked a flesh of arm from Zach and he screamed out in pain. He looked tired, ready to give in and when his eyes found hers, he managed to gasp. "Run!"

Lana froze to the spot not knowing what to do. But she didn't want to leave Zach to die at Sage's hand either, not after what he did for her. She might never forget what Zach did to her but wasn't she the one who dragged him into this world? The world that wasn't meant for him. He was meant to study in college, play football, have a girlfriend, being the goofy guy he once was, not fighting with a hellhound. That's when she knew she couldn't give Zach up without a fight.

She wouldn't let Sage hurt anymore of her loved ones. 

She looked for the dagger that was thrown away in the chore and found it lying on the floor covering in ash and dust. Taking a deep breath, she picked it up and looked down at the dagger still clutched between her fingers. Running towards them, she saw that Zach was almost losing and a snarl came from the hellhound who was enjoying his defeat cruelly.

The dagger in her hand started to hum and that drew the hellhound at her place. She could see his eyes darkening at the dagger and a pleased sigh came from his mouth.

"I'll summon my mother once you let go of him," Lana yelled in his direction and he growled. When he didn't leave Zach, she threatened him again for him to let Zach go. Zach coughed out blood as his face paled farther. Without hesitation, she wrapped her arms around him in concern.

"Find Danny and prepare for the war," She whispered to him once she was sure Sage couldn't hear it. Zach declined to let her go but she pushed him away. When she was sure that he was out of her sight she let out a sigh. She took the dagger and run it down her palm to draw out blood. Sage looked confused as he stared at the dagger now mixed with blood on Lana's Hands.

"What are you doing? That's not how you summon someone." A voice growled and looking up it was Sage who was now shifting back between half-human and half-hellhound.

"You're the first Seeker but you were too desperate to get out of here that you forgot one important thing." Lana teased, making him take a step forward but she wasn't afraid so she didn't back out.

"And what will that be?" He snarled again.

"The moon goddess blessed the vampires and we are the descended from them. We Reapers are practically blessed by her and you took a blood moon for this sacrifice when she can easily be summoned by a vampire. Or a Reaper if the situation calls for." Lana smiled, knowing that the humming now was almost unbearable.

"So what!?" He screamed but even he seemed to be uncertain as to what did she meant by that. Without answering him, she started to chant;

"In this holy blood moon Ancient wise one, the welfarer of the night,
Take all that has to end, all that must disappear and tie with you, into the darkness,
I welcome your peace, I welcome the stillness,
As you disappear into the dawn, so I chose to go within, I summon Selene,
To end this evil once and all!"

As soon as the words left her mouth, the weather picked up its speed. The pouring blood from her palm patched up by itself. Sage horridly looked behind him to see the commotion. Lana could see someone in front of her swirling to the dark winds. It was a cloud of silver and dust when suddenly a woman dropped from the wind. Whoever raised from the ashes, she was beyond graceful. Lana noticed the terror in every hellhound's eyes. Sage himself looked ready to run as he stared ahead horrified. 

"So who summoned me?″ A melodious voice asked.


So did you see what I just did there? Double update! Summoning the moon goddess wasn't in the plot first but then I thought why not? I also patched up Zach and Lana. And the people rooting for Danny don't worry. He'll appear in the next update.

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