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"What the heck was that for!?" Danny yelled out as soon as Lana's fist connected with his jaw. Ironically that reminded her of the days she had spent with him in that asylum. Even then she was either after his soul or being annoyed by his arrogant presence. 


"What the heck was that for!? Lana yelled with frustration and grabbed the nearest lamp to end its life. What was he thinking earlier? Did he even think of his actions at all? Or was it another way he wanted to proclaim his hate for her?

Though you didn't kiss the person you hate. 

"Lana...can you please calm down for a second and tell me what happened?" Iva, ever the sweetheart sighed from the other bed. Lana stared at Iva only to remembered her brother, Danny. These two shared almost familiar looks excluding their eyes. Nothing could match those silver pools staring down at Lana. 

"Lana, if this is something I did-" 

"Of course not! It's your brother I was talking about. That good for nothing kissed me even when yesterday he wanted to bash my skull open." Lana screamed at Iva who looked at her wide-eyed as if what Lana said was beyond impossible.

Iva looked uncomfortable again. "Uh...you sure he was the one who kissed you?"

"That bastard just grabbed and kissed me! If you can't belive me should I rather show you?" Lana scoffed with annoyance. Iva not only had the sight to see the future events, sometimes she could see pasts too. 

Iva backed up, hands raising as if to ward Lana off. "There's no way, I'm going to see my brother kiss someone. Besides, I believe you. He was acting strange since he opened the portal of hell. I think it even surprised him."

Strange didn't explain the way Danny was acting earlier. 

Hot and cold would be the perfect way to explain his actions. One minute he was cussing her out, and the next he was shoving her against the wall. 

"I don't know...:" Lana trailed off, feeling a blush coming on her cheeks to remember her first kiss in a year and a half. It was that good which should be unfair. Danny most likely did it to annoy herself farther. "He told me about the Seeker thing. Does it run in your family?"

"No." Iva shook her head. "Surprisngly there's no Seeker in our family that I know of. But mom used to tell us things when we were younger. I think she knew somehow he was going to become a Seeker."

Before Lana could ask more about Iva's brother, someone cleared their throat. Lana spun around and to her surprise there stood the devil waiting at the door looking anywhere but her. Lana could only thank the witches on the asylum for him to stay invisible at times. Something told her, the owner would not be happy if he knew they were going to break out of the asylum.

"Can I talk to you for a second?″ He gritted out, avoiding her eyes for some reason. She wanted him to look at her. She was surprised at her own realization. Dammit, now she had to talk to him too. He just couldn't kiss her and leave without saying a word. Not after it meant something to her. 

"OK...I'll just hear him out." Lana gave Iva an assuring smile and sneaked out with him. Once they reached the roof where the stuff didn't come at often, he stopped her.

"What's all this about?" She asked him wrapping her arms around her. The wind was biting cold and was nipping at her skin. Yet she felt a heat she never felt before. 

"It was a mistake." He blurted out and she felt a pang going straight in her heart. Stupid heart, she thought with a snicker. Inside she was feeling that familiar burning to take souls but outside she only stared at Danny with no emotion at all.

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