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The surprise was still in Danny's mind when he took notice of the current state of the safe house. 

The bedroom was ok but the other rooms were torn apart like some animal had ripped them off. He knew Lana could be aggressive but he didn't know it was this far. Did he even know her that well? But what if it wasn't her? What if she didn't leave on her own and someone took her instead?


He shouldn't have felt anything for her. What the hell was he thinking when he helped her only God knew. He didn't know this girl at all. He needed to know if she felt something for him. Anything at all considering she was so cold and emotionless towards him at the asylum. 

"What are you doing here?" He snorted at the sound coming from behind him. Of course, of freaking course, Dalton would follow him down here.

"You stalking me or something?" His voice was supposed to lash at Dalton but all it did made him frown. 

"You left without saying anything, Daniel. What do you want me to do?" Dalton gritted out, his eyes on the broken furniture. "And what the hell happened here?" 

"I left Lana here."

There, he said it.

If Danny was in a good mood, he'd definitely laugh at the face Dalton was making. But he didn't have time to wonder over why Dalton was acting weird. He needed to find Lana, quick. Though before he could take another step, Dalton shoved his shoulder with anger blazing over his gaze.

"You did what!? Is this why...Oh for devil's sake, please tell me, you aren't the same Danny she mentioned earlier."

Danny laughed, the bitter tone not going unnoticed by Dalton. "I helped her escape, Dalton. Why did you think I was so guilty when I looked for you to get answers? I felt like I was letting my emotions ruining my common sense. I needed you to tell me that she didn't kill those people while she was still human."

"Oh, fuck." Dalton cursed rubbing his forehead. "And I thought she had a soulmate, dammit. I was wrong before. It isn't the soulmate pull you two have. It's the hatred between you. Lana was always meant to run from you, Daniel." 

"So you knew this will happen? Are you happy that she ran away? That's why you so wanted to burn that diary which could prove I was somewhat right?" Danny let the rage take over but Dalton didn't even flinch.

He only looked like how Danny's mother used to look at him when he didn't understand something. And that made Danny hate Dalton more. "Look...Lana feels the same about you. I might have read some parts of that before burning it but I know she can't put up with you. You and she are not meant to be together." 

"Oh really? So tell me, Dalton, exactly what do you think of this situation? I'm a Seeker, I get it but I can control myself around her. She also has control, I've seen it." Danny said raising his voice equally.

"I'm older than you kid, I've seen things. You might have control but God forbid if there's a time when you have no choice than to kill her what would you do? And I'm not talking about choices. Some things can't be avoided." He said deadpanned.

"What rubbish are you saying? Speak clearly or get lost. I don't need your pity now. I need to find Lana. She's not good with...well other peoples." Dalton looked extremely uncomfortable as Danny started to leave with his hands curled into a fist. Though Dalton was already on his trail. 

"Wait! I'm not being totally honest here." Dalton huffed. Finally...he was talking. Danny pointed at him to continue.

"When I told you that my clan was going to help Aaron, I kind of lied. Aaron is what we call medium, a dormant one. He is the only person to get possessed willingly in centuries so I kind of was using him as a spy to know more about this Seeker thing. And I knew that whatever dream you were having, it's taking a toll on you cause they are just fragment of the future-" Danny gaped at that but he didn't finish. "If any Reaper will willingly call their Seeker then they have no choice but to kill them. And you can open the veil of hell so when Aaron was possessed I caught some of the words like someone was going to use you to open the gate of hell. And you know how much divesting that will be." He finished.

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