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Two months.

Two whole months Lana had been trying to get her sister back and failing to do that.

She tried every spell and even dared to summon low ranked demons so that she could find out in what part of the hell her sister lived. But it's like she disappeared off the hell. No one knew where she landed when she was banished with Keisha. Either Lana had to try harder or the other realization...it was just so surreal.

She didn't want to believe that Keira was dead.

"How's it going?" 

Lana didn't need to look up to see who it was. Whenever these two would be in the same room, her eyes always followed Lana's.

"Not good." Lana gritted out much to Hannah's amusement. 

"Sometimes it's too hard to tell you two apart. Especially when you both have the same stubborn nature to figure out something." Hannah's words only made Lana cringe. Every time she said that it reminded Lana just what she could lose if she wasn't careful. 

Not when every spell was failing her from getting what she wanted.

The spell to open the veil between earth and hell was with Danny. He opened the gate once to send Zach to hell. But magic always came with a price. Lana already paid the price for Zach's death, she didn't know what she had to offer for Keira to be found. So Lana watched helplessly as Lorette tried to mix some potions which Hannah thought could be helpful. 


"Hmm." She distractedly answered.

"Dear, you alright?" Hannah asked again, her hands grabbing on Lana's shoulder in concern.

"Yeah, of course. We will find the right spells. We have to." Lana whispered shrugging but in truth, she really wasn't feeling well. She didn't see Danny for the whole two months which meant her body and mind were in withdrawal without him. Somehow he always made her hunger gone and without him, she was just a vessel.

A monster looking for the next soul to devour.

"You look tired. Do you need...?" Hannah stopped mid-sentence removing her hands from Lana's shoulder.


Lana was confused. What was she trying to ask?

"You know...Soul?"

Lana frowned looking at her. Was that the reason Hannah always looked so guarded with Lana? Did she think that Lana would take her soul if pissed? She must have seen the horror on Lana's face as she quickly apologized.

"I didn't mean it like that way, Lana! We need you stronger now. So I thought it's best to ask rather than you-" Hannah paused looking away. "I didn't have the best interaction with a Reaper, you know. I don't want you to turn into your mother. But if you stop taking at least some energy, it's going to blow up-"

"It's OK!" Lana was quick to assure her. The stories she heard from Hannah only propelled her to become like anyone rather than her birth mother. "I have it under control. I took some souls from the older members of your coven. The ones already dying. It's kind of a routine I made up not to piss off your other members in the coven. I think even they agree."

Where back home it used to be clans, here they had covens. They were larger in families and more powerful than the few clans in Tennessee. And most of all, they didn't care about other species like the clans. 

Humans were allowed to roam free in the coven anytime. If Lana thought back to the first time she came there, she could remember seeing the Vampires and some hybrids coming for truce too. 

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