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Lana was running again.

Despite promising Danny. Despite all the things he could have done for her. But that was the catch, wasn't it? Once upon a time, Zach used to do the same thing. Coddle her when she was down, at times gave her a small lie she could get past or maybe most telling of all...

At the end of the day, he wanted her killed. 

Where Danny just wanted to figure her out, Zach had known everything about herself, including her bloodline. He was the one who told her she was adopted. He was the one who forced her to trigger the Reaper gene. But sometimes it wasn't was like someone else had taken over his body. And that person didn't want Lana to get hurt. People said that the eyes were the windows to the soul. His blue eyes were pleading when he tried to harm her. Like he was screaming for her to see, that he didn't mean it. 

He didn't mean to hurt her.

He didn't mean to break her. And the worse part, she never knew if what they had was a lie either. She could feel the beginning of the tears trailing down her cheeks. Wiping them off, the more she tried not to remember those moments, the more her mind took her to the past. 

"Want some?″ Zach asked pointing at the ice cream shop. Lana smiled at him in an answer. He always knew how to cheer her up.

"Only if you pay." She teased poking her tongue out. He gave her a wink in return and killed the headlights of his bike. Removing her own helmet, she smoothed down the wild hair running down her shoulder.  

"Whatever you say, sweetcheeks." He said, giving her a brief kiss before entering the ice cream shop.

Lana had a crush on him since 7th grade but when an eventful accident happened in her freshman year, only then they got to talk to each other. First, they started to hang out after a date and then in the sophomore year, he asked her out. But what she didn't know that this was also going to be the same year her best friend Samara will die to save her from a running truck...Or that she would never have a decent sleep without seeing her friend die in front of her own eyes over and over again.

"You should thank me that I was able to charm her up, Lana. Here, your rocky road." Zach suddenly appeared beside her, bringing her back from the endless memories she was trying to run from.

"She was an old lady, Zach." She chuckled at the memory of the eighty-year-old shop owner cursing at Zach's flirty nature. He also joined her in amusement. 

"But I was able to make you laugh." He said so quietly that she almost didn't hear it. But she was happy to have him, glad even. No one in their right mind would take their girlfriend out at four in the morning for ice cream just because she had a bad dream. But Zach was crazy like that. And that's why she loved him the most.

"You'll never leave me, right?″ She asked through her eyelashes looking at Zach with pleading eyes. She was tired of losing the people she loved. Her father didn't want her, her mother was always busy and Samara, she was already gone. She didn't want to add another, obviously not Zach.

"I won't," Zach promised, wrapping his arms around her tightly as if she would disappear if he didn't.

If only Lana knew what was waiting for them back then. Because when she finally understood what she was, it was already too late. But was it really? 

She still had to a home to go to. Not to her mom's. But to her birth mother. If Lana was a Reaper, her mother had to be one. Danny could help her find her mother, but it was time to figure herself out without anyone's help. And, when she would finally saw her, only then maybe she would find all the answers she had been hunting for months. Maybe, just maybe...

She would find Keisha Deshayes.


"What's the plan now?" Aaron's back was hunched as he asked the question. There's no mistake that he had seen the interaction between the Chief and Harrison. But maybe he didn't want to fight with Harrison so soon again. 

Harrison couldn't show his appreciation any sooner. "There's no plan, Aaron. We just have to retaliate as things come our way. However, I do have a plan of my own..."

He trailed off, not sure if Aaron would like his idea. Not when he was willing to keep his friend in the darkness. It was for his own good, Harrison thought. No way, Aaron would ever understand the plan. 

Aaron looked at him confused when Harrison didn't continue. "Well, what is it?"

Before Harrison could make up some kind of lie, his phone started to ring. Without seeing who it was, he took the call. "Hello?"

"I mulled over what you said earlier." The familiar soft voice of the caller had Harrison grip his desk in relief. "If we both are thinking alike, I think I can help you with this one case. Just...just come home, son?"

"I'll be there. Don't worry." Harrison promised before throwing his phone in his pocket. Aaron looked like he wanted answers But Harrison pushed passed him to pick up his case files. When he had everything he needed, he turned to look at Aaron who was looking at him with questions in his eyes.

"You asked me what the plan was right? Well, the plan right now is I need to go back to Tennessee." Harrison knew his answer surprised Aaron as he opened and closed his mouth in shock. Without looking at him, Harrison shoved some clothes in his bag before looking back again.

"Wait, what!? You didn't even tell me!" Aaron rasped disbelieved. It was strange for Harrison to leave any case to go home. But what Aaron didn't know that this case was the exact reason he was leaving for home after six long years. 

"It's something we don't talk about, remember? We just pretend that I'm not from there. Can you blame me for not telling you?" Harrison shrugged, making Aaron's face fell. They both knew Aaron would never understand why Tennesse was a sore subject. So they both pretended to forget about their old life. 

"Why the hell are you going back there? I thought you left home for good, man. Like there was nothing left for you to go back. You told me so." Was his defeated voice.

Harrison did leave home when he was getting a promotion in his job. It was either he left for New York or stay in Tennessee. He had chosen New York in a snap, leaving his complicated family and the small town of secrets behind. 

"I thought so too." Harrison sighed, thinking of what he was going back to. "But maybe I was wrong. I'll be back in a week..."

Even Aaron could detect the shakiness in his voice. 

He was going back to something worse, worse than solving murder mysteries. Worse than getting shot. Worse than getting obsessed with a girl with a dead boyfriend...


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