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"Detective Harrison, glad to see you back." Agent Jill said welcoming both Harrison and Aaron into his office. He was looking at the two of them smiling but Harrison could tell that it was fake. He looked away from Agent Jill to see three police officer and Mr. David with his own detectives.

Harrison managed not to roll his eyes. 

"Yes. That would be me and this is my assistant Aaron." Instead, he introduced themselves to the newcomers and both took their respective seats. NY police department was more than happy to have Harrison in their case. He had solved their numeral weird cases that no one wanted but this time he couldn't leave the uneasiness creeping into his mind.

"You got your precious time for us, I see. Very good process. Last time we met, you just threw the report at my face saying you don't want to ruin your time with me chatting about the things you already know."

There we go again...

Always bringing up the past was Mr. David's daily routine. He had his own detectives and Harrison was pretty sure that the old man loathed him. Harrison was always a blunt talker and judging by Mr. David's face he didn't like to be talked back. But that didn't hold him before or now. 

"So I was thinking, there have been days that the freak accident happened and now we have a body that could be the killers. What were you doing instead of catching her, young man? Getting laid?" Mr. David chuckled mockingly. Aaron just choked on his coffee.

"With all due respect Mr. David, I don't talk about my bedroom activities in a professional meeting. And to your question, we were doing our best. There's have been some...things to search up before we go to any conclusion." Harrison replied through gritted teeth. Talking to the old man was getting more irritated by the minute. Looking at his face alone made Harrison want to punch him until he couldn't.

"What things? Will you mind to share?" Mr. David pressed giving Harrison a lopsided smirk. Harrison's hazel eyes twinkled in irritation. The man was out to get him, alright.

"Look, Mr. David-"

The Chief leaned forward with a harsh chuckle. "Gentlemen, if you'd step aside from your personals problems for the time around then it would do good for all of us. Detective, you tell me what did you find?"

Harrison took a deep breath, feeling the pressure of finding her dead coming back again. "Someone broke into Aaron's house last night and he said he saw the same warnings in his house that was in the asylum. I'd be looking for that after we finish this meeting."

He glanced at Aaron to see that look of slight fear in his eyes before they disappeared. Harrison shook his head as he continued. "From my part, I have sent some of my smaller sources to scout the area around the asylum. They told me that it was just a normal day in there. There was no big event coming or no suspicious activity that could be proven to have a motive to burn the asylum down. So whoever escaped could be just a victim or there was someone else other than her who did all of this. Also, She was the only witness in this case who was alive."

The Cheif nodded sharply before turning to look at Mr. David. "And your detectives, Mayor?"

"They found the body, isn't that saying more than anything that your detectives aren't capable of doing any job?" Aaron had to grip the table to not defend his friend. But as Cheif stared at Mr. David with a stone face, it became clear just how he thought about Mr. David's words.

"We haven't got the post-mortem report yet, Mayor." The Cheif said, nodding at the other police officers. "And until we do, you can't write it down as case closed because right about now there's might be a killer running around in the open."

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