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"Trust me. I am yours."

What the hell?

"I know. Always."

Who the hell was talking? Was he dreaming or something?

"Wake the hell up, Harrison!" 

Someone screamed suddenly, breaking Harrison from his creepy dream. Just as his eyes snapped open, those blurry ones met Aaron's. There was redness around Aaron's eyes like he cried or something.

Something must have happened. 

"Aaron." Harrison gave his friend a cautionary nod. "Something wrong?"

Aaron looked just about ready to drop on the floor the way he was swinging from one foot to another. Even then he managed to keep eye contact with Harrison. "Why are you sleeping on the couch instead of going back to your house?"

Didn't Harrison tell him why just yesterday? He was debating if he should just roll his eyes or smack Aaron in the head. So as the good little friend he was, he smacked Aaron in the head.

"I told you the house is a mess and I'm not ready to go there yet. Remember something like that I told you about yesterday?" 

His eyes widened a little but he still looked disturbed. Though he managed to choke out some words like, "Oh, that."

"Yeah, oh that." Harrison narrowed his eyes in confusion. "You going to tell me what's wrong now?"

"Do you even care about your life?" Aaron's sudden change of tone had Harrison startled. Before he could say something, Aaron gestured towards the end of his office. "Your front door was wide open! If there was a bundle of thieves or worst that girl would have come to finish her job, what would you do? No! Don't answer! You were obviously too passed out to care about!"

Harrison poked his head a little to see that Aaron was right. The door was wide open. Then again, he couldn't remember if he locked it or not since he was too busy reading that diary and trying to figure out the case which was going weirder day by day.

"Are you even listening to me? I just said about last night and your expression is zero! What the hell is happening with you!?

He was saying something...

"Sorry, man. Can you repeat that again?" Harrison asked Aaron again with a guilty grin.

"Last night after going home you wouldn't believe what I saw! I saw the same warning writing neatly in my bathroom mirror! That's why panicked, okay! I thought she killed you and I'm next on her list. That's how it works, doesn't it?"

That surprised Harrison greatly. As he was reading the diary, it didn't fit that she would do something like this...especially to Aaron. She seemed confused herself about the things happening with her. As he thought what he read last night again, his gaze turned back to the opened page of her last entry.

"Dear Diary,

Something is gravely wrong. I think I'm sick. Not the psychopath sick, more like body shutting down sick. Is this possible to get sick by seeing ghosts? Or can they make you sick like you are thirsty all the time only food doesn't satisfy you? Cause let me tell you the number of times I tried to eat only to puke my guts out later. I think this place is changing me. There's no one coming to see me, not even mom cause it hurts her to see me like this. Also, they make sure no patients make contacts with each other.  

I'm dying here, Samara. I don't know what to do with this thirst. It doesn't even make sense. Nothing makes sense these days. I'm so afraid about the fact that one day I'm going to lose my sanity in real. I want to go out of here. I need to get out before Zach really kills me with these horrifying powers he got after he died. Did you know the bastard tried to kill me by possessing a nurse? If the doctor wouldn't come early for some reason, I'd be truly gone. Why would he have to become a ghost? Why can't you become one? Then I'm pretty sure you'd bust me out of here in seconds. Oh shoot, it's time to take the pills. Just like every few days, I'll forget everything. Don't you worry though! I'll be back in my old self and start ranting in no time!"

"Back to earth Harrison! What are you thinking about? Care to share?" Harrison looked back at Aaron, only to be startled to find a gun in his hand.

"What is that for?" He pointed at the gun and Aaron lowered the gun giving him a glare.

"I thought I'll need it. I wanted to be ready for the kill, you know. The usual." He shrugged and Harrison nodded in acknowledgment. Even Harrison had a gun in his apartment but here? Damn. He was really running on all wrong rules for the last few days, didn't he?

"I was just reading her diary and how her life had been in the asylum. It's interesting, I'll tell you." Harrison said getting up from the couch. It made his ribs uncomfortably stiff. He let out a sigh in relief. His bed was calling him but going home felt like a suicide at this moment. 


"You asked me what I was thinking about," Harrison murmured closing the diary. Aaron's eyes practically bulged out as he noticed the relaxed way Harrison was going on doing his own things like Aaron just wasn't spooked last night.

"Who are you?" He asked in disbelief. 

"What are you implying Aaron?" Harrison asked calmly. He even showed a grin when Aaron opened and closed his mouth a few times, too lost to say anything hurtful. 

And when Aaron finally found that voice, he was loud enough to be heard from the office down below. "You don't see, do you? You are obsessing over that stupid diary sure enough to rick your life. I was foolish to think that someone would write before they were going to do a crime. Give me this shit, I need to burn it."

Harrison for the love of him couldn't understand why he was getting so angry. The thought of that diary burning down had him whirl around to corner Aaron in a warning. "Say another word and I will be forced to throw you out of here. Remember this is your boss talking. What would happen when I tell the precious cops that I had the proof but my assistant burned it? Now, what would you like to say?"

" would do that to me?" Aaron scoffed as if he couldn't believe Harrison. "You are not only my boss, Detective Harrison, but we were also friends at some point. Like three days ago maybe?"

"Listen here, Aaron-" Before Harrison could say anything his phone rang, forcing him to drop the subject for now. But when he picked up the phone he felt his body go rigid. The words went to his head but he couldn't wrap around his mind to believe the words. And when the call was done for he only managed to clench his fists so hard that he could feel his nails digging there, drawing blood. 

His friend noticed the sudden stillness just as quick. Before Harrison could even utter a word, Aaron was beside him in a minute. "What happened?"

"Cheif called, they found a body-"

"I knew it!" Aaron slammed a hand on the desk, anger overthrowing his ability to think. "First the break in my house and now this. Still, want to tell me that she is innocent?"

Harrison shook his head laughing. He could barely stand as he gritted out. "They found a body near the station and it's hers. She is dead, Aaron, she is dead."

She got into his head and crept into his thoughts without warning. So, instead of him catching her?

One way or another, she caught him instead.


Sorry to leave with a cliffhanger but the updates are going to be slower these days as I'm continuing my semester again. Due to mom's situation, I was basically on absence but since midterm is coming closer I have no choice but to go back. Hopefully, you guys will understand. 

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