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*me getting bias wrecked all over again ugh* This is a fill in chapter loves, thank you for 6k reads

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*me getting bias wrecked all over again ugh*
This is a fill in chapter loves, thank you for 6k reads.
I'm working on a new story after sexting ends in a few chapters soooo yeah

*third person povvvv*

- 3 months later -


That was the hardest thing to do these days. The moment  y/n's body went limp against the cold sheets her eyes would stay open for ages, staring blankly at the ceiling. Some nights, she would try to force them shut while other nights I would let them be.

She was never exhausted, only drowning herself in caffeine and spreadsheets. The mornings were for work while the evenings were for Full House and a tub of ice cream. She had fallen into that routine for the past three months...since him.

Some nights she would find herself at a McDonald's drive through while others, in her car watching him from the top floor as he danced with a passion and sizzling fire. His hair would change constantly, from exotic pinks and purples to refined blacks and browns but his drive was always the same.

He studied different moves each day, some more difficult than the rest. When he stuttered or hesitated he would shout and abuse items in the room out of his frustration. She watched him for days, no, weeks, until one day he didn't show up. And then the next day and then the next.

She became his own personal stalker, heart handcuffed to his...the one that he left bruised and battered in his wake. Why couldn't she get over him? She didn't know. These days she didn't know anything anymore.

It was a bitter day at the office, the dark clouds and raindrops consuming the city as people rushed inside to stay dry. Y/n took the elevator to the 12th floor before going to office quietly.

She looked at a few reports and signed off on a couple emails and then took a coffee break. By the time she returned her assistant had been waiting patiently for her in her office. Her assistant's name was Jisoo, a young, fresh out of college girl.

Her face was always slightly flushed and she wore business outfits like her whole closet was made out of them. Long brown hair and small eyes, she was pretty girl who knew a lot about design and art, just what y/n liked.

"Jisoo, can I help you?" Y/n spoke softly, closing the door behind her.

"Ma'am you have a client," Jisoo explained shortly, clutching a blue folder to her chest tightly. y/n shook her as an okay for them to come in. "I'll be bring her."

Y/n sat in her in chair, her body sinking into the comfortable cushion softly. Her eyes scanned the reports on her desk before she heard the knock on the door. She mumbled a come in and the door opened quickly.

"Y/n, we meet again."

Y/n could recognize that fake voice a mile away. She could almost picture it in the back of her mind. Y/n didn't want to look up, she didn't want to look at this monsters face. She destroyed everything good in her could she even give that little devil a thought?

"I'm sorry, I don't accept bitches in my office, have a great day."

"y/n what's with the newfound attitude?! I thought we were friends!" Lu made a sad face which was instantly replaced with a light chuckle. Her hair was still bright blond and long but neatly tucked into a bun. She wore a short blue dress with white heels that was probably made in a size small.

"If you are going to be two-faced, at least make one of them pretty." y/n pointed to the door, her eyes giving no attention to the beast in front of her.

"y/n stop with those remarks," Lu took strutted and took a seat in the chair in front of y/n's desk. "I bet if I tell your boss you are quote on quote 'harassing a client' you would lose your job and I know you don't want that, now do you?"

y/n sighed. "What do you want?"

"Much better!" Lu clapped slowly, before letting her manicured nails tap on the wooden desk.

"See," she leaned back, "I have some interior work that needs to be done in my house and I heard you are the best designer in Seoul."

"No thanks, I'm good." y/n smiled happily. Lu rolled her eyes, raising her foot onto y/n's desk to distract her from her paperwork.

"I'll give you 20,000."

"Damn, I just thought I grew a dick."


"Do you hear something? I swear I thought a chicken was clucking?"


" 'Don't kid yourself' would be a great slogan for a condom company."

"50,000 take it or leave it."

"Deal, now get out of my office now." Y/n finally looked at her, a smirk filling her lips. Lu stood abruptly, her purse latching onto her shoulder.

Just when she made it to the door, a sly smile made its way onto her doll-like appearance. "Just so you know, Jimin was a real beast in bed, talked about pounding me like he could never do you."

The anger boiled in y/n's veins was enough to explode the whole city of Seoul but she kept it inside, biting her lip to conceal the vicious words that wanted to spring out.



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