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(this gif destroyed me)

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(this gif destroyed me)


semi quick chap and smut


Jimin's clad-ringed hand abused my bum repeatedly. The burning sensation had only mad me more wet, each hit more fierce than the other.

"Why are you so wet? You like when I spank you?" His voice dropping many octaves. His fingers dipped below my cheeks, my breath hitched.

"Answer me." He began retracting his hand.

"Y-Yes, I love- i-it." The words were gurgled and rushed. He chuckled, placing his fingers right by my clit. He rubbed slowly making me cry out in pleasure.

I already felt my third orgasm approaching. The burning sensation tickled my insides as I tried to find a way to relieve the pressure. "Jimin, faster...p-please."

He didn't say anything only grabbing my hair with his hair tightly and joining our lips together. I didn't even mind the ache in my scalp. His soft lips were intoxicating me. He pushed a finger inside me deep, his lips never leaving mine. Out of everything he could do to me, his kisses will always be my favorite.

His bit my lower lip making gasp gently as his tongue dove in. He tasted every inch of my mouth, his tongue roaming around.

Just when I thought I hit euphoria, Jimin pulled his finger and mouth away from me. The next thing I knew, I was on my knees and he was sitting on edge of the bed studying me carefully.

"You gonna be a good girl and suck daddy off?"

I smiled widely, "Yes please."

He whipped out his cock swiftly. It stood proud, tall, and extremely hard, precum oozing off the tip and rolling down his stiff shaft.

I placed a kiss on the angry, red tip, my tongue slowly gliding down the side. Jimin let out a hiss, throwing his head back. I scrolled back up, taking him in my mouth this time. I sucked viciously, my hands finishing off what I couldn't do.

"Fuck, baby, like that." Jimin praised which made me feel good. I kept going further down, slightly slobbering when I pulled back.

His fingers latched onto my hair and pushed myself deeper into my mouth. I gagged when he hit the back of my throat as his lips left the bed. His thrusts started off slow until he began pounding.

I glanced up at him just as he looked down at me. He realized a loud moan at my stare as I began to take control. I pushed myself down to his navel and he completely lost it.

"Gonna com-me." I wasn't even prepared when I tasted a stream of hot, white cum in my mouth. He shouted and I gagged when he thrusted harder into my mouth. I managed to swallow most of it but some of it came back out of my mouth and onto my chest.

He lifted me quickly and pressed me into the mattress. "You're just so perfect, god why are you so perfect."

"I should be saying the same about you." I blushed, wrapping my arms around neck. He smiled softly, kissing my nose.

I whimpered when his tip brushed against my clit. "Last one, I promise baby." He kissed my forehead and then my cheeks and then my lips.

I moaned when he thrusted into me, burying himself deep.

"Oh god, you're so tight." I groaned into my neck. I clenched around him tightly, my nails digging into his back.

"Move." I muttered. He obeyed. He thrusted slowly, making me feel every inch of him. I moaned when he started picking up his pace before it was full blown pounding.

I cried out when Jimin flipped us over, leaning against the headboard. "Ride me." My hands found his hair as my hips lifted of his and then went back on. His nails dug into my flesh. His lips ate my skin as he destroyed it with hickeys.

His hips met mine when he realized I was getting tired. I felt my orgasm nearing, Jimin never stopping his animalistic pace. I bounced again and again, gripping his shoulders so tight. His forehead met mine, his breathing labored.


"Wait." His tone gruff. He was making this increasingly difficult with his monstrous cock.

"Jimin I-I—


It was blur of pure pleasure when I felt myself let go. Ropes of his cum shot through me, filling me up to the brim. I collapsed onto his as he slid down to the mattress.

We laid like this for awhile, me on top of him, sleep slowly wanting to take me away. His hands rubbed my back, tracing patterns onto the slightly sweaty skin. I cuddled closer to him, almost falling asleep until I felt him lay me on the mattress and get up.

He was back in an instant with a wet towel in his hand. He opened my legs and I whimpered. He cleaned me up gently before tossing the rag somewhere.

The silence was calming as he climbed next to me. Our breathing could only be present as he pulled me closer to his hip. I tossed a leg over his while he draped an arm over my waist, closing his eyes.

His breathing settled and the grip on my me loosened suspecting that he had fallen asleep.

So I said it... "I love you." My voice quiet and almost ghostly as I nuzzled my face further into his warm skin.

I didn't think he heard me as I began to slowly slip from reality but the vibration in his chest and the soft kiss on my forehead said it all.

"I love you more Y/n."

end of chap.

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