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hey guys

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hey guys. thank you for 9k, really appreciate all the reads, comments, etc... <3
I was listening to decalcomania by jungkook and it made me feel like including our koo in this so yeah.

hope you enjoy!

y/n: jungkook

y/n is typing:

y/n: jungcock

y/n: kookie

y/n: I know I haven't spoken with you in awhile.

junglebook is typing...

junglebook: three months y/n

junglebook: what could my dick and my brain possibly want from you?

y/n is typing...

y/n: ...jimin was right...

junglebook: *sighs dramatically as I look out my mansion window*

junglebook: I knew this would happen.

y/n is typing...

y/n what do you mean? I don't understand.

junglebook: is my name junglebook for you?

junglebook: bc i honestly am trying to go for something sexy since i had a three way with yoongs and tae!!!

y/n is typing...

y/n: this is so unimportant right now...

junglebook: I didn't know double penetration was a thing, honestly 😂

junglebook: i seriously love Yoongi but I always end up in Tae's bed y/n!!!

y/n: FOCUS

Jungkook is typing...

Jungkook: Okay, okay

Jungkook is typing...

jungkook: Jimin came home that morning in tears y/n. he never really cries, except a few times when he messed up his dances moves and shit with Hobi

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