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only a few chapters left loves

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only a few chapters left loves.

im sorry for slow updates, I just have a lot on my plate with school.


Im sorry, this chap is really bad but you guys have been asking for updates so I'm trying to get this to you as soon as possible.

enjoy <3


Pound. Pound. Pound.

I couldn't breathe. It was like the air disappeared from the room and I was left with my loud heartbeat echoing in my ears. Time ran still and it was just him and me, he standing by the doorway casually.

His hair was mellow orange, parted swiftly in the middle like always. He wore a navy suit without a tie and a few buttons undone, revealing his chiseled chest. He was skinner than the last time I saw him but still fit...still beautiful.

And his eyes, oh god, his eyes were like night sky I was getting lost in. They stared at me, his soft lips hung lowly.

I didn't know long we had been looking at each other but it was definitely awhile because Jin interrupted the moment with the clearing of his throat.

"You two, lovebirds, we are not in Romeo and Juliet." He rolled his eyes, crossing his arms.

"I'm a fat ass and I'm hungry so sit and eat." Jungkook complained.

I coughed, taking my seat next to Hoseok. Yoongi sat beside me while Jin and Joon sat at the head of the table. Jungkook sat by Yoongi and Tae sat next to Jimin who sat straight across from me.

We were served with a platter of all sorts: cheese, breads, and fruits. There was a separate plate for ribs and steak which Jin dug into immediately and there were 4 bottles of champagne that sat near it.

"Jimin, how have you been," Yoongi buffed, "Any hot ladies in America?"

I kicked Yoongi under the table harshly, sending the food in his mouth across the table and over to Namjoon.

"Can we please keep our food in our mouths." Joon groaned, scooping up the food with a napkin and handing it to the waiter in our suite.

"So yes Jimin, how has our baby been?"

Jimin poured himself some champagne, his hands swiftly brushing his glass a he brought it to his lips for a quick sip, "Um, I've been good actually. Things have been good. Life has been good."

I glanced over at him but he was looking at his plate, his silence lingering all over us.

He continued, "I stayed in New York for a majority of the time and met this girl,"

He just stomped on me.

"And she and I were not that serious but it lasted for awhile,"

He just whacked me with an ax.

"We fooled around for a little bit but that was all."

"And there goes my dignity." I mumbled under my breath. The boy's gaze fell on me including his. My cheeks burnt hot at his stare, my legs constantly bumping in with one another in nervousness.

"Y/n, how have you been?" He asked softly.

Well, I stalked you after I dumped you. I gained like 10 pounds and now I look like Shrek. I worked with your psycho EX best friend until I found out she almost assaulted you.

You know the usual.

God, I wanted to say that. Lord knows those words were ready to come out.

"Things have been chill, you know the usual. I got a promotion at work... Senior Art Designer." I hummed softly.

"That's great, I'm happy for you." He said simply, a gentle smile on his face. He looked almost angelic, like a god. It made me question even if he missed me or not.

"Guys, we are not in K-drama. You don't have to make this awkward." Taehyung leaned forward, grasping a strawberry from the platter.

"We aren't being awkward." I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah we aren't." Jimin agreed. "Haven't you guys ever thought you're making this awkward!"

"Jimin calm your tittes." Jin crosses his legs under the table.

"I don't have tittes, I have pecs and I am very proud of my pecs." He folded his arms together.

We all broke out in laughter, smiling at each other including Namjoon who was somehow not stoic right now.

And then it happened.

I choked.

I've never felt this close to death before...it was almost at my fingertips. As the piece of meat clogged my lungs, I dramatically fell back over my chair and onto the floor, coughing as if my life depended on it.

I think I ruined the whole dinner because from my teary eyed vision, I could see food all over the massive suit plus silverware scattered across me. In a sick way, this reminded me of Lu.

God, I hate that bitch.

I heard Yoongi's voice and then Tae's before feeling a pair of hands hitting my back continuously as someone screamed intensely which I'm pretty sure was Hobi.

I could only think about one thing in this moment...PURE AND UDDER MORTIFICATION

End of chap. I will update sooner than you think:

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