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double update, thank you for reading

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double update, thank you for reading



smut next chap.

"20 questions." He stated simply.

He sunk his knees lower into the warm water, the substance brushing against his lips heavenly. Somewhere, he had lost his trousers and dress shirt, only floating with his calvins on. The poolside lights decorated his skin with oranges, reds, and purples.

I was in my bra and panties, my hands interlocked with his as we levitated on the bed of water, he pulling me every time I got to far away from his touch.

"Okay, anything you want." I smiled. He smiled back, guiding me towards the middle of the pool. "You start though."

He didn't even hesitant, "Why did you believe Lu over me?"

His eyes held mine tightly as he pulled me towards his whole body, stopping us from moving around. His smile was erased into a deep frown which made my heart flutter.

"You know been cheated on before." I whispered, "...when Jackson and and I met it was like fireworks exploded in my head. He made me really happy...alive almost." I turned onto my back and began floating away. He followed after me, the water swooshing with his movements.

"We dated for about 8 months. Every day it was something new, you know? Roses, chocolates, sticky notes with hearts and lovely messages on them...you just couldn't get sick of his charms."

"What went wrong?" His voice shaky.

"Well, one day I was supposed to go on a business trip for a few days. When I was driving, I realized I forgot something. When I got back to the apartment...well, he was there with some girl."

"I'm sorry about that." He kissed my cheek, pulling at my waist to kiss my lips. His kiss was feathery, almost like he didn't even kiss me at all.

"If I didn't go through it, it wouldn't have led me to you." I wrapped my arms around his neck, his fingers skimming through my wet follicles. "My turn."

"The water is all yours Little Ms.Y/n"

He kissed my nose, his fingers brushing over my wet cheeks.

"Who was that girl you mentioned at dinner? The one you met at New York?"

He chuckled, "Her name was Natasha. She and I met at this club when I was partying with Alec and Shawn. We dated and that was pretty much it."

"Good okay." I smiled, swimming around him.

"Did you...?"

"No, I didn't date if that was your question."

"Okay, your turn." He pressed, swimming around me.

"Why did you leave Korea and come to America? The boys wouldn't tell me."

He giggled at my question, my stomach doing somersaults just hearing angelic noise. Why was this man perfect? The world would never know.

"I just needed some time to think. Time to breathe. I couldn't be in the same country as you."

"Offensive much." I splashed water at him and he laughed, thrashing water at me. Some water flew into my nose and mouth as I coughed hysterically. He kept going until we both settled down.

"I'm kidding, baby. All I need is you right now." Jimin breathed. I felt like this was his way of ending 20 questions.

*cue the slow music in my brain*

I pressed myself against his chest, kissing the base of his throat up to his chin. Water drizzled down from his nose onto my mine as he brought my neck higher to his lips.

"I thought you said you wanted to take things slow."

He ignored that.

We locked eyes, his head knocking into mine. He gathered my thighs into his palms, the water swimming back and forth against us. I gripped his neck, pulling him closer to me as I attempted to kiss him. He dodged effortlessly by pulling back.

His eyes cascaded down to my face as he sung softly: "If the stars would fallen every time I thought about you, then the midnight sky would be empty."

"Just kiss me please, Jimin" I whimpered as one hand of his climbed down my backside.

"Y/n, I love—"


Jimin dropped my legs in a hurry, my head dunking underwater, my vision blinded. I fought my way to the top only to be met with Namjoon carrying Jin, Tae giving Jungkook a piggie back, and Hobi and Yoongi holding hands.

I hate them.

God the one time I just needed peace.

"OOOOO WE SEEM TO BE INTERRUPTING Y/N's DICK APPOINTMENT!!" Jungkook shouted drunkly, probably waking up Africa.

"Can you guys just leave?" Jimin groaned, pulling at my back to latch onto me.

He was such a koala.

"Jimin I want some dick too," Jungkook complained, "Yoongi said he won't fuck me because I ate the mash potatoes!"

"I'll fuck you. Tae said almost too quickly.

Yoongi rolled his eyes as Jungkook kissed Tae's ear.


"That's not what he said though—"

"Y/N AND I ARE LEAVING!" Jimin shouted, pulling us out of the water. He grabbed me a towel including himself one as we waddled past the lunatics.

"So tae, pool fuck or bed fuck—"


(well except Taehyung)

end of chap.

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