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i think we need an epic conclusion

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i think we need an epic conclusion


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love u all so much.

waittttt, almost forgot. some of you might comment "they've known each other for 10 months??"

Earlier in a chapter I do not recall, I did a time skip that mentioned 'weeks and months' when y/n and Jimin we're together so please don't get confused.

they also spent 3 months away from each other so technically they've known each other 7 months.

Mmmkkk byeee


"Do you like it?"

Jimin pressed my backside further into his chest as he nuzzled his cheek into neck softly. I couldn't describe the euphoria that he smothered me with. I wouldn't give this man up for the world.

Jimin and I went out on our date around 1, giving the boys their personal time at the house while we explored LA. He knew everywhere, seeing to how he comes to the states to do business once in awhile.

The boy dressed in his usually tight black jeans and dress shirt while I wore a summery yellow dress Jin picked out. We looked like a couple living in a fairytale as we strolled the streets stopping at a bunch of boutiques and restaurants.

Somehow we found our way to a park nearby around 4 but I'm pretty sure that was a part of Jimin's checklist to do with me today.

He held me tighter to him, his hand clutching a silver pendant with J + (your first initial) engraved in a deep red that glittered under the sun. He kissed my neck softly as tears rimmed my eyes.

I think I forgot how to speak as I stared at the prettiest piece of jewelry I'd ever have to own.

"Y/n, do you like it?" He said again, this time firmer as he probed a reaction out of me, "I really need to know cause if you don't like it, I can return it and buy you a diamond ring instead."

At that, I spun around and planted a kiss on his warm lips. He responded almost instantly, tasting every corner of my mouth. He whimpered when I pulled away, his hands trying to bring me impossibly closer to him.

"Of course I love it, please put it on!" I begged. He chuckled, draping the beautiful piece around my neck.

He stared at me for awhile, his eyes searching for something...I just couldn't tell what. He wondered over to my neck, the necklace falling perfectly onto my chest.

"Listen," he started,

"You don't have to be with me if you don't want to.." He looked genuinely nervous as he gripped my waist, playing with fabric of my dress.


He looked like he was in pain, "No, no please just let me get this out, Y/n." He shut his eyes. He inhaled deeply.

I inhaled too but the overwhelming scent of flowers clouded my nostrils. I wanted to sneeze but I didn't want to shit on our moment...his I held it in. Bad idea.

"We haven't been together in 3 months and when you let me go in your apartment, I felt like you took a piece of me...and you left me broken."


"Baby please listen." He silenced me.

He took my hand in his and pulled us down to the blanket, me falling into his lap unceremoniously. I ran my fingers all throughout his face, finally stopping in his freshly dyed black hair.

"I'm not good at this...relationships. I've only had a few and they never lasted long enough for me to even give a shit but you are different."

"I planned on meeting you and fucking you and being done like every other time I used that app but the evening we spent at the cafe and the night we spent together afterwards drew me to you."

I suppressed the urge to kiss him and fuck him right on this blanket...he made things so difficult for me down there.

"M'not ready to get my heart broken again. The 7 months I got to know you was the best 7 months of my life and the 3 months I spent without you were a living hell. So if you are ready to let me go, you should do it now."

I pressed my forehead to his, leaning against him as I felt his breath quiver.

"Because after this, I don't think I'll be able to let you go."

I physically couldn't explain the words I was feeling to show him how much I loved him so I did the only I could do.

I sealed my lips with his, pushing into him. I poured everything I had, every feeling he gave me into his lips, the faint taste of strawberry lingering on his breath. He met me in the middle, gripping my waist and slowly but surely grinding his upwards to meet my core.

This bitch really wants to fuck me in a park it seems.

I whimpered, clutching onto his blue dress shirt as he fingers danced their way under my dress, pinching the flesh there. Lucky, there was no one in the park, only squeaking geese that flew in the pond near us.

"M'not leaving you, never gonna kick you out again." I mumbled against his lips. His kisses turned sloppy as he trailed down my neck, sucking harshly on the soft skin.

"Always going to be here for you, no one is going to come between us again." I hummed when he met my eyes. He pushed a piece of hair away from my eyes and placed it above my ear.

"I love you so much."

"I love you much more." He stressed, sucking a sharp breath. His lips caressed my chin, up to my nose, and down to my lips.

"Y/n, babygirl can we get out of here." He hummed against my skin, smoothing over my dress.

"So soon, why?"

"Cause I have an aching hard boner and if we don't leave know I'm afraid I might fuck you in front of all these geese."

Well in that case.....

end of chap.

gave you guys a cheesy chap because once we return to korea it's over.

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