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sorry it took so long for an update.

a lot is just going on but the only thing that is making me smile is BTS MAP OF THE SOUL 7

gave you guys a Jungkook + Yoongi chapter for the new album dropping.



Jimin pov

My life always had been unconventionally shitty. It's like God had a certain section of "shitty lives to have" and put my name right under there.

That was all until I met y/n though. She was just this pretty, bubble of light that seemed to scare away the darkness in my head. I really didn't plan on falling in love with her, who ever plans for that?

Kim Namjoon did with Jin. He practically hunted Jin down for his dick.

Lu did too.

I never knew she saw me that way. She always cared for me, when I lost my dad, when I started to drink...she was my best friend. I guess she thought we would always have a future together.

The girl thought wrong.

I pulled into her driveway, her mansion coming into perfect view. She inherited her childhood home, this mansion, when her mother got sick. Her parents moved to Italy to get the right treatment for her mother's illness.

I used to come over all the time when we were children. It was my home away from home.

I remember the last night time being here. I was almost assaulted...y/n broke up with me. It all led right back to Lu.

I saw red when I read those letters, some of the vulgar things she said about Y/n. Whore, cunt, waste of space. It was officially time to end this for good.

I mustered all the courage I seemed to have left and stepped out of my car, slamming the car door after me. I shoved my hands into my jacket when I noticed them shaking severely. I was terrified of my ex best friend, the girl I considered family.

Wow, how times have changed.

My steps were slow and calculated as I climbed up the long row of steps leading to the big, double doors. Her house was the biggest one on the block, everybody knew that.

I counted 16 steps to reach the front steps, my heart drumming through my ears.

Now or never.


Y/n and Jin had left a few minutes ago before Joon told all of us to return to our rooms and pray that Lu didn't go all psycho-cunt on Jin, Jimin, and especially Y/n.

To be honest, I've never been known as a serious boy in our group, I was just the cute Kookie with the nicest and prettiest dick who always favored Jimin's ball sack before anybody else's.

I also loved Yoongi's ball sack too.

I shouldn't be thinking about ball sack's, this was a serious situation. A situation that made me want to piss myself.

The last time I ever contemplated about pissing myself was the night before Christmas when Jin hyung found Yoongi lathering his vanilla ice cream on me, the fridge light illuminating just our silhouette figures.

Let's just say we never Kim Seokjin could turn red.

That day it was proven.

My heart clenched at the thought of Taehyung fucking what was mine. I rolled around continuously on my sheets just thinking about it. I know I hadn't been a hundred percent loyal with Yoongi, seeing as how Tae messed around with me, but he shouldn't be doing the same.

If you can't tell, I'm a very selfish boy.

A very inconsiderate, selfish boy.

Maybe that's why Yoongi fell for me.

Or maybe he just wanted these nuts.

I also make epic "these nuts" jokes.

I flopped on my backside, my eyes coming in contact with the ceiling fan that spun endlessly in silence. I was sort of like a ceiling fan. I really had no end or beginning,  just a boy named Jungkook who just happens to be super gay and in love with a dude named Yoongi who is super gay for me.

Jimin taught me how to express my feelings through analogies. I was never good at talking about my feelings because of my parents.

Feelings weren't a thing in my household. But when I met the guys, they broke that shell but it's not like I wouldn't  still hide there. My mind was a scary place sometimes.

"Jungkook, baby, are you up?" A soft voice spoke into the room full of darkness.

I perched myself on my elbows, squinting slightly to notice
a blonde Yoongi peering his head through the crack of the door. From what I could tell, he looked beyond tired.

Yoongi doesn't really sleep that well when he is alone.

"Hey," my voice coming out as a whisper, "can't sleep?" I completely sat up, reaching for the lamp on my bedside table. It was a dim light meant for reading so it barely light up the farther side of my bedroom.

Yoongi grumbled softly, "Hm." He crawled onto the foot of the bed, before laying beside me. He unraveled the covers and placed himself right under it, submerging himself completely in the sheets.

I reached for the lamp again, this time shutting it off. I sunk into the covers carefully, still laying on my back.

We were quiet for awhile, soaking in the silence. Only our breaths were heard while Yoongi shuffles a little bit before finding a comfortable position.

I was drifting off into sleep but the faintest sounds of Yoongi's words sobered me up completely as I glanced over at him.

"I love you."

He said it one more time for clarification, turning on his side to face me. His hands fumbled for mine before bringing it to his lips and placing a gentle kiss on my palm.

"I love you and I know I don't say it often and I'm sorry." He paused, breathing through his lips, "when you told me that night we went to Paris together...I froze."


He didn't stop, "I don't know why I slept with Tae...maybe cause I thought you were sleeping with him to get back at me for not saying it love you' back. Hell, Tae has a new boyfriend now as we speak."

He smiled as he spoke, "I need you more than anything and I wanna tie myself to you completely because I love you. I love you so much that I can't even explain how you make me feel. You make me feel as if I'm laying on this bed of euphoria and you are just—"

I kissed him.

He hummed gently at my response as his fingers locked with the roots of my hair, pulling me closer to his lips. I didn't feel like fighting for dominance so I simply gave him control as his tongue slithered gently down my throat.

I whimpered when he nipped at my lip before breaking apart completely.

"I love you too, Yoongles."

end of chap.

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