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*third person*

happy birthday loving America

I listened to Senorita by Shawn Mendes and idek why

edit: everybody hates senorita lmao.


Silk sheets and cotton pillows, Y/n cruised tumultuously around the soft mattress beneath her, her fragile hands searching for a specific body she wanted to cuddle with.

She was only rewarded a fluffy pillow.

Her lips let out a sour slur of words that faintly bounced of the high ceilings of the bedroom she was in.

"Jimin?" She questioned.

She arose tiredly, her hands running over her disoriented features before settling on the floor where a camera and her shredded clothes lay on the black carpet.

She climbed off the bed, scouring the room for a shirt.

She stumbled over to a dresser that contained an assortment of blue colored tops which ranged lightest to darkest.

she shrugged it off, grabbing a random shirt and throwing it on. She buttoned it slowly but carefully, the dress shirt reaching up to her knees.

Before she even turned away, her eyes caught a picture frame that showed seven boys squished together, smiling widely with another.

"Cute" she brushed the pic with her fingertips before departing out of the bedroom

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"Cute" she brushed the pic with her fingertips before departing out of the bedroom.

Swiftly and quietly, she made her way down the long swirling steps of the mansion, entering the foyer.

There was a few shoes lined up next the stack of books that were lined on each side by the door. There was a brown table - probably for decoration - in the middle of the room, with bouquets of flowers resting there

The smell of pancakes had awoken the dazed girl who was admiring the neatness of the home Jimin had left her in.

She followed the scent to a door - a few steps away from the foyer - with a door the swung easily if you pushed it.

"... And then Jungkook goes, 'My name is... Jungkook, scale is... international playboy' "

Laughter fills the kitchen before a voice goes, "OW, JUNGKOOK-AH."

Y/n stood their contemplating if she should go and  find Jimin or just go back to bed and wait for him to return.


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