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Jimin pov-

Jung Y/n's heart stopped beating at 4:24 in morning.

It happened almost too quickly, like a gust of wind thrashing at your face as you try to intake air. It was like a war erupted and took the most innocent victim of us all.

I won't was a like bloody massacre, her blood was everywhere.

Red painted the walls, our clothes, the floor. Mostly every inch of the had been covered in the color I'd loathe to hate.

The sound of her body crashing onto the floor had sent this wave of pain crashing into my chest like a tidal wave and sweeping me under. My eyes stung with tears even before the gun went off but by now, i was full blown crying.

Time speed up the second Jin tackles Lu to the ground, knocking the gun away from hands. She tried to claw, scratch, and bite Jin but she only received her hands being pinned down to the floor.

The ache in my heart died for just a second as I lunged myself across the room and to the crowd. My feet were quick and swift when I landed in front of her but my knees instantly gave out. I collapsed in, my eyes glossy and blurry.

I didn't know where to touch, where to hold her without damaging anything. But everything was already damaged, fucking everything. I carefully slid her form to mine, her lips releasing a scream the instant I did.

Blood covered her head to toe.

"Baby, oh god—no."

I acted quick and took my jacket to put pressure against her chest. She screamed again but this time, agony slipped through her throat. Tears streamed down her eyes our eyes met, a exhausted groan escaping her mouth.

I kissed her forehead, brushing the hair away from her face, "Baby, I—It's okay...I-I'm gonna get h-help fuck."

Her eyes wandered all around my face, her brows scrunching in a confusion, like she couldn't process a word I was saying. She looked far away, her eyes moving to fast to comprehend anything.


I heard a grunt from behind me and Lu shouting something but I toned it all out. My focus was the love of my life...the girl who was currently bleeding out on me.

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