Missing Piece

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Every since Izuku joined class 1-A the student had seemed to be buzzing with joy. 'The Little Bean' or 'Freckled Cinnamon Roll,' had really brought out energy in the class. Even Aizawa started to look better, less tired and cleaner. Momo's confidence had grown a lot since Izuku started talking with her about how to handle crushes and sometimes the compliments on her quirk and stuff. They spent around an hour after school once with Izuku awing over her quirk as he never really got to see it work in person before. Todoroki had grown friendlier, participating in class more and has started to use his fire quirk in training.

Todoroki even shared the full story on his past, Izuku didn't mention a lot of his, only on what he was comfortable with which wasn't much. Basically only what Aizawa knew about. Todoroki and Izuku got closer from this.

Izuku made Todoroki come and sit with Uraraka and Iida, they became friends quickly. Todoroki and Izuku would mostly listen to the conversations, sometimes they'd speak their opinion on a subject, but they mostly stayed quiet. Izuku brought some kitty macrons for all of them, Uraraka is now obsessed with them.

Izuku was able to expose Iida as the brother of Ingenium, sad about his retirement but happy the hosu incident; Todoroki and Iida shared a look... it didn't go unnoticed by Izuku, and then got Uraraka's reason for being a hero which brought the group closer together.


Izuku also did other things for everyone, when he learned about Sato's quirk he made a bigger batch of kitty macrons and gave them to him. Uraraka begged him to have one for about ten minutes, but the moment he tasted one he refused to let anyone touch them. He made Aoyama a very shiny charm neckless, when it was in sunlight it literally was blinding. He loved it. He basically gave Koda a bunny, say he didn't have room for it but he didn't want to give him away. Izuku would occasionally come by to the dorms to visit the little bunny.

He helped Tokoyami redo his room and rearrange furniture on the way back from visiting Koda, Izuku suggested a certain blackout curtain and made a purple cone to go over his light to cast a gentle violet glow on the room. Izuku also secretly was taking lesson's from Jiro on how to play the eclectic guitar, he found out she likes Momo back, so he's been hinting on how she should made a move while on Momo's end gave her two concert ticket's to a band both Jiro and Momo likes and tells her to go for it.

The next day they went on a date.

Izuku helped Sero and Mina play a prank ok Denki, having him over use his quirk and change into a Pikachu onesie, they taped him into it and then onto the wall with Sero's quirk. The next morning Izuku came back to find Denki pouting and Mina and Sero trying to comfort him. Izuku came over with a wink and pretended not to know what was going on and then he got Shinso, who he knows has a crush on him, to cheer him up.

Later after that he found out by Mina and Sero that Denki liked him back so it was perfect.

By the request of Hagakure, which she said she wanted to be called Toru, Izuku let all the girls play around and due his hair. They were all shocked on how silky and soft it was, they ended up putting cat clips in it to make random little clumps of hair everywhere. When Aizawa came to pick him up that day and Izuku insisted he get his hair done too.

Izuku and Kirishima dragged Bakugo out of the dorms to spar with, Kirishima complimenting his on his manliness. Izuku realized that Bakugo actually had a thing for Kirishima, but he wasn't sure if the redhead liked him back because he seemed oblivious. Izuku talked to Bakugo about it, surprisingly he admitted so Izuku is determined to get them together one way or another.

Izuku was getting Ice cream with Todoroki, Uraraka and Iida once and met Tsu working at an Ice Cream Parlor for extra money. Let's just say the four of them started doing stupid adds to attract more customers for her. She got a raise that day.

Ojiro actually came to Izuku for help on something. He admitted he knows that Momo and Jiro went on a date thanks to Izuku's help so he wanted help with Toru, he liked her or awhile now.

Izuku happily agreed and just told Ojiro to stay in the main room, he went back up to Toru's room and asked her if she could do Ojiro's hair and tail like she did his because he lost a bet to Izuku. She basically bounced out the door with hair supplies.

Izuku asked Shoji about his quirk and they talked for awhile. Soon Izuku was able to get info on why he always wore his mask, Izuku swore not to tell anyone as it was actually pretty upsetting. They were pretty good friends after that.


All the while not speaking much, still voice sensitive.


Izuku really was amazing, he's like the missing piece in the class that finally fell into place. Most of them keep forgetting that he went through something that would change his life forever...


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