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Military Villain by Izuku_Prince
Military Villainby Izuku Prince
Izuku was taken away from Japan by his father after finding out he was quirkless. He was brought to America where he was trained in the military. After 9 long years of p...
  • mha
  • class1-a
  • bokunoheroacademia
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Next To Me by sour_pink29
Next To Meby Read on
(various bnha x reader) [Y/n] [L/n] had always been told that her quirk was nothing special. That if she wanted to attend U.A. so badly, she would have a better chance...
  • bakugouxreader
  • bokonoheroacademia
  • katsukixreader
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~Recovering~    |BNHA/MHA Story| by tieRD7
~Recovering~ |BNHA/MHA Story|by I’m Tired
This is a story where little Izuku (literally) bumps into Eraser Head, or Shouta Aizawa when he was escaping his kidnappers. Izuku is brought to a hospital considering t...
  • todoroki
  • izuku
  • wattys2019
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Target Cuteness  by angel_wish100
Target Cuteness by Just a writer
The class blinked seeing their homeroom teacher walking into the class holding a small child in a blue hoodie and black shorts that looks like Midoriya. "Ummm.. Se...
  • villains
  • cute
  • wattys2019
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U.A. For the Supernatural by Izuku_Prince
U.A. For the Supernaturalby Izuku Prince
U.A. is a school for any and every supernatural of the age 15 to 18. Everyone here is a supernatural except Midoriya Izuku. Started: 24/9/18 Finished: ...
  • âu
  • bakugoukatsuki
  • bnhaxsupernatural
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how lovely: BNHA one-shots and Matchups  by jungkooksfairymilk
how lovely: BNHA one-shots and *soft sigh*
One-shots between you and BNHA characters -request are open 🦋 -I will be doing fluff,lemons,AU's,angst and limes so be prepared ☁️
  • mha
  • oneshot
  • anime
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「my hero academia one-shots」 by toxicserpent
「my hero academia one-shots」by ˗ˏˋ ʰᵃˢᵃⁿᵃˊˎ˗
  • bnha
  • bakugokatsuki
  • fluff
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Bakusquad Bullshit by Carcinogenetics
Bakusquad Bullshitby 87% big dick energy
Bakugou: I don't wanna play this shit Sero: I don't wanna be alive yet here we are. Bakugou: it was a fucking joke jesus christ. Our favorite squad being better than a...
  • offensivehumor
  • kek
  • bnha
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Class 1-V by GasMaskedWriter
Class 1-Vby GasMaskedWriter
What if U.A had a villain rehab program and what if Dabi, Toga, and an All For One Izuku has to be the trial run for it.
  • izukuxtoga
  • villainrehab
  • dabitodoroki
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 BNHA Chatfic by birbson
BNHA Chatficby Bird boy fan
Iida made a huge mistake. There's no turning back.
  • uraraka
  • thisfamilyisafuckingnightmare
  • kirishama
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reunited • hitoshi shinsou x reader• by parttimetrash
reunited • hitoshi shinsou x tacos and burritos
•••under edit••• (y/n) used to be very protective over her shorter and more sensitive friend. it seemed like everyday she would get into a fight to protect him from bull...
  • fanfiction
  • teenagelove
  • love
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Shota Aizawa x reader by ticcitobyboiiiii
Shota Aizawa x readerby space daddy~kun
Okay, so this is not a joke. This book will be written under the guidance of a dare. No, I am not going crazy or anything ...... (yes, I am talking to you, you know who...
  • bnha
  • class1-a
  • shotaaizawa
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rise from your ashes izuku by isidoros15
rise from your ashes izukuby isidoros15
Izuku midoriya a boy that was diagnosed quirk less wanted to be a hero. When he went to save a girl from kacchan he felt warm inside. Now in middle school what will happ...
  • quirks
  • harem
  • ejirokirishima
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His last goodbyes... by LeGaysAndLeLesbos
His last ✿UkeKirishima✿
It's summer vacation Kirishima has been feeling depressed again, but he hides his insecurities with his fake smile...though Bakugo notices some changes in Kirishima. How...
  • bnha
  • whoshe
  • angst
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Deku's Angel Quirk  by Eh_Pocky
Deku's Angel Quirk by Eh_Pocky
At the age of 4 Midoriya Izuku was to young to produce his quirk because Of how many quirks he has. When, his quirk appeared the doctor told them they have to go I-Isl...
  • boyxboy
  • deku
  • izukumidoiya
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They'll Never Know by skinny_momo
They'll Never Knowby Momo
VILLAN DEKUU!! Also there is Tododeku in this story...Midoriya gets cloned by Toga Himiko, who locks him up in Shigaraki's new hideout. Midoriya's clone goes to UA as Mi...
  • mha
  • togahimiko
  • villandeku
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Not a Villain kid (Hitoshi Shinsou x Reader) by Space-Disaster
Not a Villain kid (Hitoshi Space-Disaster
What were you expecting when the other kids heard what your quirk was? You certainly didn't expect to get picked on, that's for sure. You didn't want to be the bad guy...
  • myheroacademia
  • aizawa
  • iida
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The Secret Lives They Never Knew by Anime_MultiPlay_
The Secret Lives They Never Knewby Anime_MultiPlay_
It started with a school festival idea. An idea that involved Izuku's secret. When the class notice his odd hurry, what will they discover of their cinnamon sun student...
  • myheroacademia
  • sliceoflife
  • izuku
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Akumu Midoriya (Villain Deku AU) by TamTammyTamara
Akumu Midoriya (Villain Deku AU)by WaffleCat
After being abandoned, Izuku is taken in by the league of villains. The only difference is that Izuku is raised like a normal child, more or less. Basically, the league...
  • bnha
  • league
  • academia
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BNHA chatfic And More- by MultiAnimeBoi
BNHA chatfic And More-by MultiAnimeBoi
I have no life- And I know the cover isn't bnha, fight me
  • overhaul
  • class1-b
  • tokoyami
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