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Bakugou has a sister?! (Soft Bakugou AU) by IDKandIDFC78
Bakugou has a sister?! (Soft IDKandIDC
Bakugou's been missing class a lot more lately. He's been showing up late, leaving early, and skipping lunch and leaving campus. He's been looking more tired and cranky...
1-A; Aizawa's Problem Children by Reality666Rift999
1-A; Aizawa's Problem Childrenby Roman Cipher
-Iida Tenya has started a group chat- -Iida Tenya has added Midoriya Izuku, Ururaka Ochako, Asui Tsuyu, and 16- -Iida Tenya has changed name of the group chat to 'Class...
One for All (No Matter Who You Are) by Passing_Ghost_Friend
One for All (No Matter Who You Are)by Passing_Ghost_Friend
Izuku has been told he won't become a hero or a Pokémon trainer. Now, he can't wait to prove them wrong! He will make a difference! Together with his team of Pokémon, he...
The Secret Ballerina by Aveisi
The Secret Ballerinaby Ave is i
Yolo kids! This story is about Izu(Deku) being a ballerina and keeping it from the whole class. Along with other things. Like who he's dating, how many children he's rai...
𝔻𝕖𝕜𝕦𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕤𝕖 by 1NeverEndingDespair1
𝔻𝕖𝕜𝕦𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕤𝕖by トビー ヌル
Some characters from Bnha get transported to a weird theatre. Disclaimer: i do not own BNHA or any characters in the story I also do not own the cover photo,credits to t...
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The Bunny loves to Tease: Midoriya x Feminine!Male Reader by SaltyGrimmReaper
The Bunny loves to Tease: 🍓🥰🥀🍓🥰🥀🍓
🐰🐰🐰 (Y/n) (L/n) is a smug and troublesome little bastard but he's flirtatious to no end and teases to his heart's content. (Y/n) was born with a peculiar quirk that g...
What The Fuck Is Wrong With This Group Chat by IAmTheOgIzzy
What The Fuck Is Wrong With This IAmTheOgIzzy
Being a teenager isn't easy, and being a super-powered teenager isn't any easier. With crushes, hormones, and some less than friendly villains, they still have to make t...
forest Boy by Miozolin
forest Boyby Miozolin
izuku woke up in the forest at age 4, when a wolf cub found him it became his friend. years later the forest has some unexpected guests (first story lend me clues on how...
Cuddly Midori by erisofnyx
Cuddly Midoriby Eris of Chaos
Midoriya is a very tactile person, hugging, hanging, sleeping one everyone. Alt. Midoriya is UA's resident cryptid, always appearing and disappearing at will to get his...
Hero Prince by Laurenssyyy
Hero Princeby Laurenssyyy
Izuku Midoriya is a hero in training at UA high. while holding a telekinesis quirk like her mother's, he is contented on how things are. Attending the prestigious hero s...
cLaSs 1-gAy by depresso_espressofam
cLaSs 1-gAyby w e l l s h i t
welcome to the mess that is class 1-A. where Izuku is depressed, too gay for his own good, and a memer, and Iida just wants to fucking die. I don't own bnha or any chara...
Villain Rehab by ElmoHatesYouAll
Villain Rehabby Synnøve
Oop- That's old. The classic "Dabi, Toga, and Deku got caught" Due to some irrational thinking at the time, Toga had gotten the other two into this mess. And...
What the Hell Are You Doing Shitty Hair? by ThatSweetNatural20
What the Hell Are You Doing My Precious Children
When Class 1-A goes to lunch Bakugou stays behind to have an afternoon workout and shower. However, when Kirishima is out for lunch he has a gut feeling that something h...
Class 1-B's Ace by Trishula97
Class 1-B's Aceby Connor Wilken
A My Hero Academia fan-made story, a look into what I would imagine class 1-B is like on a daily basis and their interactions with class 1-A , as well as events that tak...
Deku~Verse by ICY_Karuma-Chan
Deku~Verseby ICY_Karuma-Chan
What the hell else? it's Dekuuuuu's different AU. All with 1 thing in common.
The icey secret (dekubowl) (slow updates) by my_twocats
The icey secret (dekubowl) (slow My_twocats
Izuku Midoriya Has a secret,a big one,no even his childhood friend/bully knows about. He is the famous ice skater 'green rabbit' who is wildly know around the world. He...
➣BakuDeku chatfic (editing) by MultishipperBish
➣BakuDeku chatfic (editing)by ←~(Ψ▼ー▼)∈
➣Bakugo Katsuki (Kacchan) ➣Midoriya Izuku (Deku) ➣A class group chat ➣Absolutely zero talent ➣Absolutely zero plot ➣Fluff ➣Memes ➣Villains ➣What could go wrong?
We Could Be Heroes (Shindeku) by Ash_Kat_
We Could Be Heroes (Shindeku)by ★彡 Δ𝐒𝐡 彡★
{Complete} (Warning of angst and possible triggers, please don't read if you're easily triggered by angst and etc.) what if Hisashi Midoriya came back after working ove...
What Happened!?! (BNHA fanfic) by Novawolfweeb16
What Happened!?! (BNHA fanfic)by BunnyMaskSmolmight
Izuku was having a wonderful day until......he was turned to a baby after just running into someone.Now class 1-A has to figure out how to take care of baby Izuku until...