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Leyla's pov

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Leyla's pov

"Baby you cant seriously be upset right now!" I yelled through the phone.

"Stop calling me." He hung up.

You have to be kidding me right now.

Its been 2 weeks and he's still mad that i talked to Damien. Its out of my control.

Its not my fault my teacher made us partners.

This is so annoying. Like okay i get it you're in a gang dude. Leave me out of it.

Its about school stuff. Its not like we are doing anything bad.

I swear Oscar is just sensitive. And i will not let him think he can just ignore me.

No sirrr.

I shoved my phone in my back pocket and stormed out my house. I walked over to Oscar's house where a bunch of old and new santos were.

"Leyla what you doin here?" Oscar glared at me. "Your brother aint over here."

"We need to talk." I walked up to him as he stopped lifting his weights.

Then some of the younger cholas started giggling to themselves.

"Spooky  she hella likes you." One of them said and EVERYONE started laughing.

The fuck is so funny?

Oscar just shook his head.

"Sorry kid. Not interested." Oscar laughed as he lit his blunt.

He's trying so hard to be a badass.

"Did you hear me? I said get your ass up! Lets go!" I snatched the blunt out of his hands.

"Woah chill." He glared at me.

"Damn homie you gonna let her talk to you like that?" One of the guys laughed.

"Spooky baby... i can get rid of her." One of the cholas said as she got all close to Oscar.

"No none of are gonna do shit. Thats Sad eyes lil sister." Jesus spoke up.

"Honey... Spooky doesn't date bitches who aren't in the life." She smirked as she pulled Oscar in for a kiss.

And he kissed back.

Not just a peck.

The whole making out type of shit.


I just shook my head and walked away.

Not to my house though.

A bitch walked all the way to work.

I dont understand what just happened back there.

Why was i getting attacked for? Cause im as young as half the santos in that gang?

I dont get it.

I just walked to Javier's and when he saw me he smiled.

I walked up to him and just broke down in his arms.

"Leyla?" Joc freaked out.

"Whats wrong?" Viv panicked as they both walked up to Javier and i.

"Guys give her some space. Go back to work." He sighed.

Then he took me to his office.

"Whats wrong?" He sighed.

"Oscar kissed someone else." I pouted.

"What?" He looked confused.

Then he let out a sigh. "Leyla if i could... i would beat his ass up with some chopsticks. But i kinda cant afford to die." He laughed nervously.

I just wiped my tears and hugged him tight.

Just him being there. Him being the only one knowing what i was going through. That was all i needed.

Next day at school

"Leyla talk to me." Oscar pulled me into the janitors closet once again.

"Why should i? Huh?" I pushed his hands off of me.

"We can work this out." He groaned.

"Work out what? Theres nothing to work out. Thanks to your little make out session." I rolled my eyes reaching for the door.

"Listen to me." He slammed the door shit again.

I just glared at him. Maybe if i concentrate like Matilda then i can have him fly away.

"Look. I had to kiss her. So our cover wouldn't break." He sighed.

"Why were they laughing at me?"

"I told them you had a crush on me and that you wouldnt leave me alone." He sighed.

"Okay screw you. Why are you such a pussyy that you couldnt tell them the truth?"

"Because i didnt want drama." He sighed.

"Well that is the stupidest thing ever to come out of your mouth because you were the one who wouldn't listen to me." I glared at him.

"Yeah i know. I fucked up im sorry." He sighed. "Please just forgive me."


Should Leyla forgive Oscar?

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