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Leyla's pov

After school

"Leyla!" Oscar chased after me as i walked inside my house.

"Fuck off Diaz." I shout as i walk into my room.

Then he shut the door and smiled at me.

"Im not talking to you." I glared at him as i laid on my bed in silence.

"Bebeee. Im sowwyyy." He said in his baby voice as he laid on top of me.

"No stop." I glared at him but he didn't stop.

"I sowwy babyyy." He pouted as he kissed me all over the face.

"Oscar you really think thats gonna make me forgive you?" I glared at him.

"No but i was hoping it would make you listen to me when i apologize." He pouted.

"Im so sorry Leyla. I truly am." He sat up.

"Oscar you kissed another girl. What the fuck. You think its not that serious but it is." I laid my back against the headboard.

"I know mamas." He sighed. "I shouldnt have kissed back. I was in the wrong for that. Its just... i was sooo pissed that you were talking to Damien. I fucking hate that guy."

"But why? I know hes a prophet and all but why so much hatred." I pouted.

"He was the one who rolled up on my dad." Oscar spoke quieter as he stared at my blanket.

"Wait you never told me that." My eyes grew big as he just nodded.

"I didnt wanna talk about it." He muttered.

"Look im sorry. I know you still dont want to talk about your dad." I frowned.

"I dont think i'll ever be." He sighed. "I hate talking about my feelings."

"Well dont bottle up your emotions. You know its good to open up." I smiled at him as he just shook his head.

"Well one day you will open up and talk about how you feel."

"Doubt it." Oscar scoffed.

Then it grew silent.

"So you aint mad anymore?" He looked at me.

"No but yes at the same time." I laugh.

"I think i know how to make it better." He smiled as he leaned and kissed me gently.

"Thats it? One kiss." I glare at him.

"Baby we can do more than just kissing." Oscar laughed as he got on top and started kissing me even more.

This shit got heated real quick.

I couldn't help but give in.

I let out quiet moans as he placed his tip against my clit.

Bitchhh if you dont stop playin.

He slowly started putting it in as my bedroom door flew open.

"Hey leyla do you know where i put m- WHAT THE FUCK!" Antonio shouted and Oscar quickly covered us with the blanket.

"What the fuck are you doing spooky! Thats my sister homie!" Antonio was outraged to say the least.

"Get out!" He shouted as he stormed out the room stomping so loud.

Oscar and i just looked at each other in complete shock.

Then we heard something break.

"Ok he's a little mad." I say as i adjust my pants.

"Oh no shit." Oscar sighed as he put his dick away.







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