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Leyla's pov

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Leyla's pov

I aced that fucking test. I know i did.

I smiled to myself as i walk to my locker to put away my math notebook.

"You're the girl."

I jumped once i saw a girl standing in front of me.

"What?" I look at her confused as i grabbed my english notebook before closing my locker door.

"You are dating Oscar." She said so fucking loud.

I quickly grabbed her arm and pulled her in a more secluded place.

"Can you stop yelling shit out loud! Thats how rumors are created." I huff in annoyance. "Now what are you talking about. Wait. Who are you?" I look at her.

"Ohh right. We never properly met. I'm Ximena. Oscar's friend." She grinned.

Oh. Its her.

"Okay...." i say awkwardly.

"And you are wearing the flannel. The flannel he bought. I remember cause i saw him buy it when we were at the mall together." She smiled. "You are the mystery girl." She squealed.

"Okay shhhh!" I cover her mouth. "Look." I look her in eyes.

"Oscar and i are not dating. And i bought this flannel myself." No i didnt.

"But... i could've sworn tha-"

"Well no you are wrong." I cut her off before walking away.

Why is this bitch so loud for?

"Hey girl. Where have you been?" Viv smiled as i joined the table.

"Nothing. Just had to retake a test." I lie.
In reality i was just making out with Oscar.

"Soooo.... rumors are flying around that Damien Smith is tryna get at you." Joc smiles.

"Uhh what?"

"Remember when he saved your ass from getting shot a while ago?" Viv asks.

"How could i forget? It was the most traumatizing times ever." I smile at them.

"Yeah... sorry we brought it up. But anyways... he asked me about you." Joc smiled.

"If you are tryna set me up with Damien just stop now." I glare at them.

"What why?" Viv pouted.

"Are yall dumb?" I yell.



"My brother is a santo." My boyfriend is the newest leader of the santos "I live in santo territory." I point out.

"Soooo what part of your plan to set me up with a prophet did you think was a good idea?" I smile at them as they pouted.

"Well none of it i guess." They sighed.

"We just dont want you to feel lonely."

"Dont worry about me guys. Im chillin on that single life. I swear." I smile at them.

"Are you sure?" They question at the same time.

"Yes. I promise."


"Im sorry but the partners have been finalized. I cant change them." Miss. Johnson sighed.

"Fine then." I huff as i walked back to my seat.

"So what should we do our project on?" Damien smiled.

"Uhhhhh..." i avoid eye contact with him. "Not sure."

"I was thinking we do it on teen smoking." He cleared his throat.

I raised my brow and looked at him.

"But dont you smoke?"

He just looked at me and grinned. "Yeah." He chuckled.

"Okay lets do it on teen smoking." I shrug.

Once the bell rang i decided to try my best to storm out of this classroom.

"Leyla!" Damien caught up to me.

"What?" I stop and look at him.

"So when can i see you?" He questioned.

"Excuse me?" I raised my brow.

He just laughed. "For the project? When should we meet up?" He asks slowly.

"Ohh." I laugh nervously once i notice Oscar coming down the hallway.

"Well how about we meet up at the freeridge library tomorrow at 2." I smile at him. "Bye." I say as i walked off.

That was a close one. I sighed of relief.

"Why you talking to him?" Oscar stepped in front of me.



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