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A month later



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Leyla's pov

"Hey." Antonio peeped his head through my bed room door.

"Hi?" I looked at him quite shocked and confused.

"Can we talk?" He looked at me as i just nodded.

Thats when he took the chance to sit on the edge of my bed.

"Whats up?" I raised my brow.

"I know we've never really had the best sibling relationship ever... but um... i was wondering of we could start over."

"Why?" I looked at him confused.

"Because i miss talking to you." He gave me a small smile.

"I know we've been through some real shit... but fighting doesn't do shit. And if dad was here-" Antonio got all choked up.

"If dad was still here he would kick our asses for fighting." He chuckled and i couldn't help but laugh along. He wasn't wrong.

"Yeah you're right." I laugh.

Life was so much better when he was around.

My mom was home a lot more, my dad was really the glue of this family.

Antonio and i had such an amazing relationship when our dad was still alive.

Now all we do is fight.

"You know i care about you right Leyla?" He sniffled.

"Yeah. You just have a unique way of showing it." I laugh a little to stop me from crying.

"You do too." He laughed.

"Okay we need to stop. We are ugly criers." We both started laughing.

"I just wanted to say... Martín really made me realize that you are your own person... you have the right to do whatever you want... even if that means get with my homie." He chuckled.

"So if you want to be with Oscar... go ahead... but i know your with Martín and i support it. The same way you supported Jocelyn and I." He smiled.

"Yeah." I cleared my throat.

"Yeah Martín and i are no more." I let out a sigh.

"Why?" He raised a brow.

"Well.... umm.... he told me he wanted to focus on getting a better life for himself. His dad has gave him so much problems that he hates himself. So he's trying to love himself before anything else. So we broke up." I shrugged.

"And how are you?" He nudged me.

"Im done with boys." I laugh. "I'm taking a break from them. I'm my own priority. I dont need nobody for nothing."

"Okay." He nodded.

"But can you do me a favor?"

"Like what?" Antonio raised a brow at me.

"Can you please apologize to Martín? This stupid fight you guys have is dumb. He needs his friends.." i pouted.

"You really care about that guy?" He smiled at me.

"Yes and dont act like you dont either." I shake my head at him.

"Okay okay. I'll apologize. Not gonna lie i miss the homie."

"Thank you." I smile.

"Only if you accept Jocelyn's apology and become her friend again. She misses you."

"Excuse me?" I raise my brow at my brother.

"Dont act like you dont miss her." He smirked.

"I guess thats an even trade." I shrug.




Im sad about martín and leyla being non existent now

They werent a thing for that long

But i do everything for a reason

Soo trust the process *WINK WONK*

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