veintiocho- angels cry

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Leyla's pov

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Leyla's pov

*weeks later*

"Hey beautiful." Martín kissed my cheek before grabbing my hand as we walked down the steps.

"Hi bebe." I gave him a smile as he grabbed my binder from my grip.

"So you work after school?" He looked over at me as i shook my head no.

"No... but my mom wants me to help Javier bring his shit to our house."

"Why?" He raised a brow.

"We have an extra bedroom and my mom is always short on the bills so Javier is gonna chip in. Maybe now he won't be lonely since his baby mama left his ass and took the kids." I shrugged.

"She took the kids?" He gasped as i nodded.

"Javier cried so much that my mom had to call in sick for a few days to hang out with him. He was really going through it."


"Yeah." I nodded.

"So your mom and Javier?" Martín joked.

"Don't even make me vision that in my head." I groan.

"That would be funny."

"They wouldnt last." I shake my head as i we walked towards my english class. My last class thankfully.

"So i guess thats a no on hanging out tonight." He gave me a frown.

"You can join." I gave him a big smile.

"Nah its cool. Im just gonna visit my mom before work. I also gotta clean up the house before my dad gets back from his business trip. Wouldn't want to piss off the princess." Martín rolled his eyes.

"Bebe dont make shit worse. If he starts problems just dont take it further. Ignore it and everything will be okay." I kissed his cheek before going into the classroom.

"What do you keep in here?" I groaned as i dropped a box onto Javier's bed.

"My dildo's now be careful." He yelled at me as he sat his ass comfortably on his new bed while I. PUT MORE EMPHASIS ON THE I did all the dirty work.

"That was the last box." I clapped my hands together.

"Good. Now head to the taqueria. You're interviewing two new workers and i think i accidentally put Martín on duty by himself." Javier laughed a little.

"And why cant you come help?" I cross my arms.

"Becauseeeeeeee i'm trying to expand the taqueria and get a new location. Duh!"

"Why when you cant even do shit for the one you got?" I raised a brow as i took the  keys to Javier's second car.

"Keep complaining as you drive in my SECOND car."

"Okay well i'm gonna go then." I walk out as he shouted 'bring back food.'

"Thank god you are here." Jose the cook smiled as he ran around the taqueria serving customers.

"Where Martín?" I raised a brow as i out on a apron.

"No clue. All i know is he hasnt showed up and i dont get paid enough for this shit." He shook his head.

"I know i'm sorry." I let out a sigh as i grab a notepad and pen and head to take more orders.

"Also two people are in here for their interview." He called out and i turned my attention to the office door. I noticed two people sitting their quietly.

"Okay great." I huff as i call Martín.

Its been an hour and he hasnt replied yet.

"We're here." My mom and Javier yelled as they came in putting on aprons.

"Wheres Martín?"

"I don't know he didn't show up. Im gonna go check on him. Also the two girls that came in for an interview walked out once they saw how hectic it got. Sooo we need new workers." I explained to them as i

"Okay bye."

I scurried off and drove to his house.

His car wasnt there.

Maybe hes at the hospital still?"

I drove to the Freeridge hospital and made my way to the front entrance.

"Leyla." I heard my name causing me to jerk my head towards a bench where Martín sat upon.

"There you are. I was looking for you." I rubbed my arms as i shivered. Why is it getting so cold?

"Hey." He sniffled.

"Whats wrong?" I question as i noticed how glossy his eyes looked from the little light reflecting off of the hospital sign.

"My mom just passed away." He forced it out with so much pain in his voice. My heart dropped as i saw him grip onto the edge of the bench seat.

He was hysterical as he yelled out as to why. Why did this have to happen?

"Shhh baby its okay." I held him close as he cried in my arms.

"She's all i had." He choked up as he held me tight.

"Thats not true. You have me." I rubbed his back gently as i kissed his forehead.

"We'll get through this. I promise."


Martín & Leyla


Leyla & Oscar

Okay but their smiles are everything🤧

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Okay but their smiles are everything🤧

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