veintitrés- the rejects

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Leyla's pov

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Leyla's pov

"Are you sure you don't wanna come inside?" I pouted at Martín as he stopped at my house.

"Nah im okay. Umm my parents want me home so i better go."

"Oh okay." I unbuckled my seatbelt and opened the door.

"Um Leyla?" I turned to look at him one last time.


"I just wanted to thank you for being there for me... there's not a lot of people who care about me. So thank you." He gave me a soft smile.

"Of course... baby boy.." i smile as i leaned in to kiss his cheek.

"Pick you up tomorrow?"

"Yes. Also do you prefer waffles or pancakes?" I question.

"Pancakes." He smiled.

"Okay. Bye. Do your homework!" I smile as i shut the passenger door.

Martín's pov

"Why is the house a mess?" My dad started bitching right when i walked into the house.

"Chill. I'll clean it right now." I set my bag down and went to grab the broom.

"Useless just like your mom." He scoffed. "I work hard everyday and for what? So i can come home to no cooked meal or a clean house?"

"She's sick, dad... what do you want her to do? Not be sick? Cause thats not how it works."

"Shut up and clean puto." He slammed the front door.

I rolled my eyes and went to check up on my mom.

"Mijo." I heard her speak with so much exhaustion.

"Hola mama." I sat next to her bed as she held my hands.

"How was school?" She grinned.

"It was good."

"Are you hungry mijo? I can make you food." She attempted to get out of bed.

"Uh no mom.. the doctor said you cant be walking around unless its urgent. And its okay. I already ate."  I lied just to give my mom less stress.

"Okay." She sighed as she laid back in her bed.

"Here mami.. take your medicine." I unscrewed the cap from one of the bottles and handed her the pill.

I watched as she took her medicine then she just smiled at me.

Then she ended up falling asleep in five minutes.

"You'll get better mama. I know you will." I kissed her forehead then stood up and walked out quietly.

Then i went to my room to work on homework.

Next day

Leyla's pov

"You have soft lips." Martín complimented me as we walked out of our math class.

"I know." I smiled at him as we made it to the cafeteria.

"Look crusty to me." We turned to see Ximena and Andrea laughing at me.

"Keep talking with those fucked up lip injections." I laughed at them.

"Ignore them bebe." Martín pulled me closer.

"Salty cause Oscar kisses me and not you?" Ximena chuckled.

Oh get me started. I dare you.

Then i heard Andrea laughing.

I just ignored them and stayed quiet.

"What? You don't got much to say now do ya?" They chuckled.

"Well i try not to converse with Guzman rejects and girls who take my leftovers. Sorry." I laugh at them as i paid for my food then walked away with Martín.

That's when i ended up falling on the floor.

"Puta wants to fights we can fight!" Ximena growled.

"You hit her in the back. Thats pussy shit." Martín shouted as he helped me up.

"Yeah hit me now bitch!" I shoved Ximena causing Andrea to get involved by punching me.

"Aww hell nah. This shit us unfair."

"Oscar get your crusty ass bitch off my girl." Martín yelled as he was able to pull me away from the dumbass pendejas.

Then he stood in front of me so no bitch would charge right at me.


Next chapter is allll bad😂

Next chapter is allll bad😂

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